Australasian Constellation Intensive Pre and Post courses

We are excited to announce four wonderful courses that are offered at a greatly reduced cost as our International Trainers are in Australia as part of the Constellation Intensive.

Please check out the courses that are available to you and register now!

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Stephan Hausner author of “Even if it Costs me My Life…

February 23 -24, 2018

Family Constellations provides a building block to a holistic treatment of any illness by looking at the familial, transgenerational context of the illness to open up options for the client in their healing process. In this work, we maintain that “the symptom always makes sense” – and in so doing we do not treat the symptom itself, but what the symptom is communicating in the client’s life or their family system.

In constellations with health issues, we look at – the person’s readiness to say yes to life and to assume the consequent responsibilities – the children’s core love of their parents and their longing for closeness with them – the patients’ or families’ exclusion of persons and/or issues relevant to the system.

2 day workshop Special Discount cost $495

Deposit of $200 payable by February 17th

WORKING WITH THE EMERGENT FUTURE: a New Consciousness and Collective Leadership

Jan Jacob Stam author of “Wings of Change

March 5 – 7, 2018

Exploring the responsibility of individuals and Organizations ecologically, socially, and spiritually
Jan Jacob teaches how we can teach from the emerging future in the here and now looking at the creative tension between our planned future and the emerging future

This 3-day master class will be very useful for coaches, trainers, and consultants to develop a sense with which they can ascertain where systemic issues strongly influence the potentials of the individuals in the system and the system as a whole.

3 day training Special Discount cost $750

Deposit of $200 payable by February 17th

How Excluded History blocks Learning; Exploring Behavioral and Learning difficulties including autism and ADHD

Bibi Schreuder Netherlands

March 5 – 7, 2018

Bibi invites participants to explore challenges with children, their own learning/behavioral difficulties, and for Educator’s their difficulties with students in the classroom through the phenomenological & systemic approach of Constellations.

When exploring the dynamics involved in learning and behavior difficulties including autism and ADHD, Bibi suggests that adults and professionals can look to see certain behaviors as working in service of the system, how our inner attitude can provide a field for the system to relax, and where the extreme behavior is no longer needed.

Other dynamics covered in the master class will be working with step and blended family’s.

3 day workshop Special Discount cost $495

Deposit of $200 payable by February 17th

Feelings Can Help or Get in the Way:
Working Effectively with Emotions In Constellations for Better Client Outcomes

Leslie Nipps USA

March 10 – 11, 2018

Emotions express the deepest truths about our personal and family suffering.   When we feel them, they support our healing and give us dignity. Other emotions take us away from those deepest truths, and keep us stuck in our pain.

Staying in intense but not-useful emotions can be tempting, especially in constellation work. Telling the difference between the two, and being able to move ourselves or clients from one to the other, can mean the difference between entrenched suffering, and the freedom to really heal.

In this workshop, Leslie will teach how to tell the difference between emotions that help and those that don’t; acquire systemic tools to keep a constellation focused on useful emotions; and experience personal healing in your own journey of wholeness, supported by your ancestors.

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2 day workshop Special Discount cost $350

Deposit of $200 payable by February 17th