An Introduction to Death Midwifery

Holistic practices for meeting mortality with grace and confidence

SARAH KERR, PhD – Canada

As a Death Doula and Ritual Healing Practitioner, Sarah helps her clients integrate experiences of illness, death and loss.

Sarah’s work draws on ancient wisdom teachings, nature­based spirituality, sacred sciences, and the richness of the human soul. Her practices support each member of the family to find healing and balance — before, during and after a death.

Sarah’s PhD research explored ways that modern, Western people can restore and re-create meaningful rituals for significant life transitions. She’s been a student of energetic and shamanic healing modalities since 2000.

“My passion is creating spaces where all the emotions that emerge around death and loss can be honoured, so we can integrate difficult experiences and move through them smoothly. When we meet endings in our lives this way, beautiful things become possible, even with the pain.”

Melbourne Evening Lecture: Feb 15, 2019

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost $20 (Early Bird) AUD,

or $30 at the door


Habitat Spirituality Centre, Augustine

2 Minona St, Hawthorn VIC


Melbourne Workshop: Feb 16-17, 2019

Full cost $360 AUD


Habitat Spirituality Centre, Augustine

2 Minona St, Hawthorn VIC

Morning and afternoon tea supplied, byo lunch

9.30 to 5.30pm

Sydney Evening Lecture: Feb 21, 2019

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


$20 (Early Bird) AUD,

or $30 at the door (AUD)

If you are attending the 2019 Constellation Intensive you can attend the lecture for free

Location; The Collaroy Centre, Homestead Ave, Collaroy

Sydney Workshop:

We apologize but this workshop is no longer available. You can experience Sarah’s work at the Introduction evening Feb 21 7 – 9pm, her presentations during the Intensive or join us in Melbourne.

If someone you love had to face death tomorrow, would you be ready? Are you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared to support them?

If you’re called to assist family, friends, or clients in meeting mortality, you must first become intimate with it yourself. We can’t support others through death if we don’t know the territory ourselves.

Using ceremony, reflection, meditation, and experiential activities, this workshop will help you:

  • Explore what it means to live with death on your shoulder
  • Develop internal resources to ease your own relationship with death
  • Learn practices to help others navigate the end of life with grace

When you’re able to meet your death with greater consciousness and clarity, you can be present with others, and support them as they meet theirs.

These teachings are valuable for social workers, therapists, chaplains, emerging and established death doulas, as well as family and community members.