It is recommended to experience the Intensive as a residential program as it creates the best learning environment and plenty of opportunity to relax and socialize with colleagues and peers.


The Collaroy Centre is only 30 km north of Sydney CBD, it has stunning views of the Ocean and Long Reef with so many places to walk, sit, gather or take some time out for yourself during the busy and exciting program.  An easy 5 minute walk to the beach it provides a retreat like experience that will nurture and enrich you; both personally and professionally.

The Collaroy Centre
Homestead Ave, Collaroy Beach
Sydney NSW 2097

++Single onsite rooms available for those with mobility challenges.

Bellagio Executive Apartments

** Bellagio Executive Apartments opposite Collaroy Beach and an easy 15 mins walk to the Venue. Each two bedroom apartment has own bathroom or ensuite, shared kitchen and lounge. There is also an indoor pool, spa and gym.
Due to the limited number of hotel rooms at the Collaroy Centre these rooms are mostly twin share and we ask as many as possible wanting a single room to book at Bellagio

++Single onsite rooms available for those with mobility challenges.

Contact our Admin Tracey Inglis for all registration enquiries

Contact our Admin Tracey Inglis for all registration enquiries

Beachside cafes just 5 minutes away

One of the conference rooms

Outlook from one of the hotel rooms

A Word on Shared Rooms and Sleep Space
“Possibly one of the fundamental aspects of Constellation work is connecting with others, ancestors, the field and the Greater Soul. So much of our modern world  and life can have us retreat into our self to the extent that we forget that we are all interconnected, and this can create separateness and isolation.

The benefit of sharing a sleeping space with others is that we are reminded that we are not isolated and this alone can be a healing experience. We also have the opportunity to connect on a more intimate level.

The ‘tribal’ experience of sleeping in the same room as others may assist in cultivating the field and create more connection, supporting us to remember our interconnected ‘essence’ and the Greater Soul. This can be a unique experience in a busy life and world.  So much healing happens in our sleep”