6th Australasian Systemic Constellation Intensive



Sydney, Australia - March 2020

March 21 - 27 Systemic, Family & Organizational Constellations



6th Australasian Systemic Constellation Intensive


Sydney, Australia

March 21 -27 Systemic and Family Constellations


6 days of amazing TRANSFORMATION



Ah Fung

Hong Kong

Sneh Schnabel


Bill Mannle


Dan Cohen & Emily Blefeld USA



Yildiz Sethi


Guest Presenters

Elena Veselago


Caroline Ward


Margarete Koenning


Maria Dolenc


Aud Marit & Traudi Wild


Sarah Cornally

Kathy Tracey

New Zealand

Jonine Lee Gabay


Mike Quinn and Bobby Crocker

Oleg Vainberg


Eric Lyleson

Noemi Viedma


Francina Jorda


Susan Altschwager

Rob Foster

Goothala Doyle

Tatijana Hannan

Jackie Stewart

Kerim Nutku

John Sautelle

Systemic Constellations creates the potential for healing Inter-generational trauma and destructive patterns which manifest as unresolvable health, relationship or career issues. A dynamic psychotherapeutic approach that connects us to the strengths of our ancestors and healing on the level of the soul.

If you are a therapist, coach, health care practitioner, educator or on a personal journey of self-discovery, this work is AMAZING for healing relationships, understanding the purpose of symptoms and SO MUCH MORE. 'Systemic work depends on obtaining a view of the totality of the whole' Bert Hellinger.


With 4 different streams of learning the Intensive will be of interest to existing therapists, coaches, consultants, healthcare practitioners, educators and facilitators wanting to learn new and innovative Systemic skills to support clients.

It’s also suited to those on a personal journey of self-exploration looking to connect and belong to an open-hearted community from all around the world committed to making a difference.


Through a combination of lectures, experiential processes and immersion into the core principles of Systemic Constellation work you will learn the value and application of these principles for your own relationships and wellbeing and for practitioners how they can enhance your work with clients, groups and organizations.

Gain valuable new skills and insights Professionally and be enriched Personally

Participants include a diverse group of mental health professionals, educators, coaches, business owners and many other practitioners in alternative and complementary health practices.

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations is a brief solution focused method to address Trans generational trauma for the individual and the collective.

You will learn the core principles and innovative approaches in the field of Systemic Constellations that reveal hidden dynamics underlying the pressing issues affecting us individually and collectively Through Constellations we understand the human psyche as a multi-generational phenomenon, a significant part of our life patterning stems from genetic inheritance and a far greater range of psychological traits are passed down through the generations than was previously acknowledged.  The founder of Constellation work called it ‘Movements of the Soul’

Professional development points are available for all PACFA, CAPA and GANZ members

(please check with your association).

Registered Psychologists can claim CPD hours to meet PBA requirements.

2018 Constellation Intensive Compilation Video

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Photos from the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Intensives