7 Day Immersion Family Constellations Training

Language of the Soul & Constellations

with Shavasti, May 11 to 13

Family Constellations Art & Practice

with Suzi Tucker USA, Ah Fung China, Shavasti UK

May 14 – 18


International Facillitators – 2024

Shavasti (John L Payne) UK, Language of the Soul and Constellations – 3-days, May 11 to 13

Suzi Tucker USA,  Ah Fung China, Shavasti UK, supported by Jonine Gabay Aus, Jon Unal Turkey  5-days, May 14 to 18


Explore the Art, Theory & Practice of Family, Systemic Constellations Facilitation for Professional and Personal Development

Embark on a profound professional development journey with our family constellations training. Join us at the family constellation institute to explore the depths of systemic constellations training. Elevate your life with our family constellation course and professional development courses. You will LEARN through seminar and experiential process innovative approaches to working in the field of Systemic, Family, Structural, Symptom and Business Constellations and gain skills relevant for Relationships, Health, Success

Experience innovative approaches to working with Systemic, Family, Constellations and gain skills relevant for Relationships, Health, Success.  Ideally suited to existing therapist, coaches, healthcare professionals and those seeking greater success and harmony in relationships!



Who is This Program For?

Professional Development – therapists, coaches, mental health professionals, naturopaths and all healthcare practitioners

Personal Development open to all those committed to developing their capacity to resolve conflict, create harmonious relationships, release limiting patterns and access the wisdom of ancestors and so much more….

Program Details

Numbers are limited to 35 participants,  BOOK EARLY

A number of additional adventures offered to the group including a morning at the Sacred waters Tirta Temple.

May 11 to 13, 2024  Language of the Soul and Constellations with SHAVASTI   ($750 USD 3-days)

May 14 to 18, 2024  Family Constellations Intensive SUZI TUCKER, SHAVASTI, AH FUNG ($900 USD 5 days) 

Venue: Ananda Cottages, Ubud, Bali (nearest airport Denpasar)
 Our seminar room overlooks the rice fields and there’s time for a dip in the pool massages or a trip into the local village for delicious food and shopping

Training Fee for both PROGRAMS

MAY 11 to 18, 2024

$1650 USD 

Early Bird $1450 USD 

(accom options from $40usd)

Frequently Asked Questions 

For additional details please email us info@constellationintensive.com



Will there be the opportunity for personal constellations during the IMMERSION?

YES, there will be many group constellations and if not within these training sessions with the faculty, there will be time for small practice groups and personal work within these.

Do I need to arrange my own accommodation?

YES, there are many options for accommodation in UBUD, we will begin a FB page for those wanting to share a villa.  Our training venue is at Ananda Cottages http://www.anandaubud.com/ you can compare costs with many other venues nearby, taxis are inexpensive especially when shared.  

What is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is Denpasar, and we strongly recommend you choose a flight that can be changed and arrange travel insurance

Cost of taxi from the airport to UBUD and the venue?

The journey from Denpasar airport to Ubud is about 40 mins, there are plenty of reliable taxis available at the airport with set fee arranged by officials at the airport, no need to book ahead.

Cost for a taxi from airport to Ubud will not be more than USD $40.00 or 400,000 Rupiah

Should I do my money exchange at the airport before I leave?

Airports always have the worst exchange rate, you are best to only exchange enough for your taxi fare to UBUD which is about $30 USD. We will provide a full list of best places to do money exchange in Ubud.

What are the requirements for Travel VISAS and Vaccinations?

Re COVID Vaccinations it is recommended you get an international Covid Vaccination Certificate, (we have heard that a Medical Certificate/Exemption is also accepted). Bali Entry Requirements

Arriving in Bali – Visas, Taxis and Tips

Your 30- days Visa is gained on arrival at Denpasar airport. For stays of 30+ days, a 60 day visa needs to be obtained prior to leaving your country.

Tips and Baggage Handlers

Carry smaller notes to give tips where appropriate, such as after a massage to the masseuse, baggage handler, or a driver – $2 is little to us but a lot to them.  It’s important to honour our host people and be mindful of their financial poverty.

Travel Insurance

 We highly recommend you get travel insurance.

Additional outings will be offered including a soulful excursion to the Tirta Sacred Waters Temple.

A full list of what to pack, the program etc will be sent closer to departure for each program

Join the Facillitator Training and STUDY A COURSE ONLINE?

International Systemic Constellations Facilitator Training – APPLICATIONS for 2024 now open

2024 International Training Registration

Learn at your own pace via RECORDED sessions or LIVE 2 days per month

Our International Certification in Systemic, Family Constellations with Master Facilitators is an opportunity to LEARN from esteemed elders that offer leading-edge perspectives and innovative approaches to Constellations.

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