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AbdulRahman M. Abdullah

He is a Teacher in Spirituality & Consciousness.

AbdulRahman’s passion for Therapy, Coaching & NLP started to show early in his life, since he was a college student, when he decided to follow his passion in Understanding the Human Being from the inside. So his mission from that time has been to master the mental/emotional skills that allow the human being to connect with the Self & change from within.

About AbdulRahman M. Abdullah

AbdulRahman believes that a Spiritually Awakened person lives in a high level of Consciousness & Inner Peace that takes the person far beyond mental limitations & enable him/her to connect to the Unlimited Source of Wisdom & Love that supports & guides the person in all different life contexts.

AbdulRahman is also the founder of The Field Of Awakening School, based in Egypt beside the Great Pyramids of Giza. In the school, he – with help from a number of his students who are themselves graduates of The Field – teaches NLP, Coaching, Reiki, Enneagram & Systemic Constellations. He had started his Constellations training many years ago with Bert & Sophie Hellinger and he continued with The Centre (CSC) with whom he now partners to offer CSC constellation training in Egypt.

AbdulRahman is currently
• NLP Master Trainer from The International Association For NLP Institutes, Germany
• Coach Master Trainer from The International Association For Coaching Institutes, Germany
• Leadership Coach from Advanced Behavioral Modeling, USA
• Performance Enhancement Coach from Advanced Behavioral Modeling, USA
• Reiki Master Teacher from The International Center For Reiki, USA
• Systemic Constellations Master Trainer, WSCO, Germany

The Field Of Awakening School, Giza, Egypt

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