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“Our hearts remember those who gave us life, those who gave us love, and those whose fate is entangled with our own. As soon as the link to one parent or both is diminished, people lose energy and strength. Constellation restores the connection and the flow of love to what was separated.” – Bert Hellinger

Originally developed by Bert Hellinger, over 30 years ago in Germany, Systemic Constellations is a trans-generational, existential-phenomenological (Brentano, Husserl, Heidegger) method with applications in therapy, coaching, health and business.

A brief and solution focused therapeutic intervention it has roots in family systems therapy, (Moreno, Satir, Böszörményi-Nagy) incorporating the Ancestor reverence of the South African Zulus (Hellinger spent 15 years living and working there as a catholic priest), which has been further developed by many of the first generation systemic trainers at the ONLINE CONFERENCE 2021

This method reveals deeper, subconscious patterns that can have a limiting or even destructive impact on relationships, health and success.

Constellation work can address these limiting patterns even when their roots go back several generations. The approach aims to help participants understand the hidden systemic orders operating in relationship systems and organizations and the powerful resolutions to conflict that this understanding can make possible.

The Systemic Constellation process is being integrated by practitioners worldwide. It offers hope and inner peace to those on their own personal journey seeking to resolve inter-generational trauma to better serve future generations.

The VISION of the Constellation Intensive is to provide the most powerful and effective LEARNING opportunities to support a more peaceful, harmonious, and creative world as a gift to the PRESENT and FUTURE generations.

The criterion for what is good is based on whether it relieves someone, brings joy, or soothes a distress” – Hellinger

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Many of the Presenters for the ONLINE Conference offer insights on video below

Katarina (Kato) Wittich Podcast – EP260 No Room For Shame. Rosen Method & Family Constellations

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Katarina (Kato) Wittich – Behind the Scenes: Family Constellations on Netflix’s Sex, Love & goop

Bertold Ulsamer – How childhood and family history affect our happiness, by Bertold Ulsamer

Bertold Ulsamer – open the doors to your professional success

Barbara Morgan COMING HOME editor and publisher of The Knowing Field

Dan Cohen PhD Are the Ancestors Real

Dan Cohen PhD Psychiatric and Constellation Models

Dan Cohen PhD The Inherited Mind

Anngwyn St Just PhD Time Space and Fractals

Dr Karl-Heinz Rauscher MD talks of his experience and ‘awakening’ https://”Everything is Connected’ Dr med Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Svagito Liebermeister Can Passion Heal troubled Family Relations

Svagito Liebermeister Awareness and LOVE



Welcome to Constellation Intensive, where you’ll find valuable information on online family constellations, family constellation online training, systemic coaching certification, and the best books on family constellations. Explore our recommended reading list and educational materials to support your journey into this transformative field.

Personal Relationship Systems

Acknowledging What Is: Conversations with Bert Hellinger
Author: Bert Hellinger / Gabriele ten Hovel
Published by: Zeig, Tucker & Co.
ISBN: 1-891944-32-0
Order here

Love’s Hidden Symmetry – What makes Love Work in Relationships
Author: Bert Hellinger with Gunthard Webber and Hunter Beaumont
Published by: Zeig, Tucker & Co.
ISBN: 1-891944-00-2
Order here

Even if it Costs me my Life – Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness
Author: Stephan Hausner
Published by: GestaltPress / Routledge, taylor & Francis
ISBN: 978-0-415-89805-8
Order here

No Waves without the Ocean: Experiences and Thoughts
Author: Bert Hellinger
Published by: Carl Auer International
ISBN: 978-3896705488
Order here

On Life and Other Paradoxes
Author: Bert Hellinger
Published by: Zeig, Tucker & Theisen Inc.
ISBN: 978-1934442272
Order here

With God in Mind
Author: Bert Hellinger
Published by: Onlineshop Bert Hellinger
ISBN: 3000235345, 9783000235344

In My Mind’s Eye: Family constellations in therapy and counselling
Author: Ursula Franke
Published by: Carl-Auer-Systeme, Heidelberg
ISBN: 978-3896703910
Order here

The Ancestor Syndrome. Transgenerational Psychotherapy and the Hidden Links in the Family Tree
Author: Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger
Published by: Carl-Auer-Systeme, Heidelberg
ISBN: 978-0415191876
Order here

Images of the Soul; The workings of the soul in shamanic rituals and family constellations
Author: Daan van Kampenhout
Published by: Carl-Auer-Systeme, Heidelberg
ISBN: 978-3896702319
Order here

Social Relationship Systems
Insights – Lectures and Stories
Author: Bert Hellinger
ISBN: 3896702815
Order here

I Carry Your Heart in My Heart – Family Constellations in Prison
Author: Dan Booth Cohen
ISBN: 978-3-89670-631-7
Out of print

Peace Begins in the Soul: Family constellations in the service of reconciliation
Author: Bert Hellinger
Published by: Carl-Auer-Systeme, Heidelberg
ISBN: 978-3896704252
Order here

In the Presence of Many
Author: Vivian Broughton
Published by: Green Balloon Publications
ISBN: 978-0955968310
Order here

Returning to Membership of Earth Community: Systemic Constellations with Nature
Author: Francesca Mason Boring
Published by: Stream of Experience Productions
ISBN: 978-0982607756
Order here

Couple Relationship Systems
Love’s Own Truths –
Bonding and Balancing in Close Relationships
Author: Bert Hellinger
Published by: Zeig, Tucker & Co.
ISBN: 1-891944-48-7
Order here

Touching Love – A teaching Seminar with Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont
Author: Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont
Published by: Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag
ISBN: 3-89670-122-3
Order here

Supporting Love – How love works in couples relationships
Author: Bert Hellinger
Published by: Zeig, Tucker & Co.
ISBN: 1-891944-49-5
Order here


You’re One of Us. Systemic Insights and Solutions for Teachers, Students and Parents
Author: Marianne Franke-Gricksch
ISBN: 3-89670-413-3
Order here

Organisational Relationship Systems Invisible Dynamics
Systemic Constellations in Organizations and Business
Author: Klaus P. Horn / Regine Brick
Published by: Carl-Auer
ISBN: 978-1-932462-18-0
Order here

Fields of Connection – The Practice of Organizational Constellations
Author: Jan Jacob Stam
Published by: Uitgeverij Het Noorderlicht
ISBN: 978-90-77290-08-8
Order here

Miracle, Solution and System – Solution-focused systemic structural constellations
Author: Insar Sparrer
Published by: Solutions Books
ISBN: 978-09-5497-4954
Order here

The Power of Systemic Intelligence to Navigate the Complexity of M&A
Authors: Mieke Jacobs and Paul Zonneveld
Published by: ReThink Press
ISBN: 978-1-78133-418-8
Order here

Systemic Constellations Work in Organizations
Author: Joseph Roevens
Published by: ScienceGuide
ISBN: 978-90517-96-162
See more here


Trauma, Bonding & Family Constellations
And other books by Franz Ruppert
Author: Franz Ruppert
Published by: Various
ISBN: Various
Author page here

It Didn’t Start With You – How inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle
Author: Mark Wolwynn
Published by: Viking
ISBN: 978-1-101-98036-1
Order here

‘A Question of Balance’ And many other books relating to trauma by Anngwyn St Just
Author: Anngwyn St Just
Published by: Various
ISBN: Various
Author page here

Facilitating constellations
Family and other Constellations Revealed – The Systemic View
Author: Indra Torsten Preiss
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781481068635
Order here

The River Never Looks Back: Historical and practical Foundations of Bert Hellinger’s family constellations
Author: Ursula Franke (Ed.)
Published by: Carl-Auer-Systeme, Heidelberg
ISBN: 978-3896703910
Order here

The Art and Practice of Family Constellations
Author: Bertold Ulsamer
Published by: Carl-Auer-Systeme, Heidelberg
ISBN: 978-3896703989
Order here

Family Constellations – A Practical Guide to uncovering the Origins of family Conflict
Author: Joy Manne
Published by: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 978-1-55643-832-5
Order here

Family Constellations – Basic Principles and Procedures
Author: Jakob Robert Schneider
Published by: Carl-Auer
ISBN: 978-3-89670-594-5
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International Constellations Journal – ‘The Knowing Field’
The International Constellations Journal.
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