About the 2021 Program

6th Australasian Constellation Intensive in Sydney February 25 to March 2, 2021

You are warmly invited to join this wonderful opportunity for LEARNING, Healing and Connection and a community committed to making a positive contribution to healthier family systems and organizations. The International Faculty are all leaders in their field sharing the latest developments in applications for working systemically. These skills are easily integrated into an existing practice and compliment all other modalities.

The Intensive training offers a relaxed learning environment with plenty of space to enjoy networking and connections with other amazing facilitators from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, South America, China the USA, Canada….and more! You will be welcomed with open arms and supported to connect with the most appropriate learning group. With 4 streams of learning that support those highly experienced facilitators as well as those completely new to this work.

Be Inspired and Energized Personally and Professionally

Over the past ten years the Australasian Constellation Intensive has invited leading Trainers from around the world to share the latest developments in Systemic/Family and Organizational Constellations and its applications for Professional Development – therapy, coaching, education, organizations and health as well as Personal-development (parenting, relationships, families).

International Faculty and Guest Presenters

More than 90 workshop options! The workshops will cover relationships, business, health, social issues and so much more. ITS TRULY A FEAST OF LEARNING and a wonderful community gathering. Updates will be loaded to our website and shared frequently on our FB page FB/constellationintensive

The Training – OPEN TO ALL

With 4 different streams of learning, a combination of lectures, workshops and experiential groups the Intensive is organized to meet the needs of persons with various levels of experience and is suitable for both professional and personal development. Open to all levels of experience you will be supported to connect with a group that best serves your learning experience.

About Systemic/Family Constellations

A brief solution focused method Systemic constellations are an effective tool in the resolution of interpersonal problems in both families and organizations. At theleading edge of psychotherapeutic approaches there has been an explosion of interest in both Systemic/Family and Organizational Constellations. Emerging out of family therapy, systemic theory, psychodynamic, existential and phenomenology it was initially developed in Germany by Bert Hellinger nearly 30 years ago and now in more than 25 countries. It has applications for therapy, coaching, health, education, organizations and larger social issues.

At the core of this approach are what Hellinger refers to as the ‘orders of love’. Disturbances in these orders might be an unconscious ‘entanglement’ with the difficult fate of a family member, even going back several generations. These disturbances often manifest symptomatically as dysfunctional patterns such as addictions, depression, conflict in relationships or ill health. They could show up in our lives as grief, anger or guilt, which despite our best efforts, is never resolved. It can be that we ‘carry’ something that belongs to our parents or a previous generation. The purpose of a family constellation is to reveal the hidden dynamics of such a situation and point the way toward resolution. It is a way of working with the collective consciousness to restore the natural flow of love.

Families and individuals can address issues such as addiction, marriage and relationship, understand persistent and chronic symptoms and health challenges, mental illness, adoption, grief, employment and finances.

About Organizational or Business Constellations

Revealing solutions to difficult issues in business, working systemically can be helpful with challenges around restructuring, merges and acquisitions, decision making and strategy development. Organizations can use this process to focus communication, team motivation, harassment, ethical questions and mission statements.

Program Overview

All workshop options are free choice apart from the afternoon Learning Groups. PLEASE KNOW there will be slight unavoidable changes! Check with registration for any updates

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