A Fung ACI 2020

Anand Sarjano

First son of Sara Chocano and Jaime Zuzunaga he travelled at age fifteen from his home
country to the USA in Berkeley, California. Here he studied Pychology, Holistic Health and
Alcohol & Drugs studies. Worked as teacher aid and as bilingual tutor with immigrant children and teenagers, and as substance abuse counselor in different community programs.

About Anand Sarjano

In 2002 founded the first holistic treatment center for addictions in Peru using active meditations and alternative medicine.

In 2006-2007 finished two degrees in Emotional Intelligence and in Naturopathy & Human Health. He received his name Anand Sarjano in a spiritual initiation (Sannyas 2006) and since then began teaching active meditations. Participated in the transpersonal training workshop with S. Grof M.D PhD (2013), Family Constellation Training (CLCF Argentina 2017), International Training on Family Problems and Systemic Solutions (CUDEC Mexico 2019), New Family Constellations Training (INSCONSFA Spain) and Systemic Trauma Training (Signos Ediciones/Anngwyn St. Just PhD).

Presently he assists Dr. Anngwyn St. Just as her zoom translator and works as a holistic and image consultant for different companies and organizations.

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