Annie Cariapa

Annie has worked in the field of counselling & psychotherapy for the past 18 years. She uses an integrated approach, weaving together her expertise in Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Systemic constellation, Body work and related modalities. Her work reflects an integrated, systemic and spiritual approach.

“My work has been deeply influenced, not only by my life and work experiences, but also by my years as a farmer practicing sustainable organic farming. Exploring the analogy, sustainable farming is about finding a balance and about working with both what is healthy and unhealthy, with growth promoters and growth retardants – with life as it is. I believe that balance and centredness within our being can only be achieved by bringing harmony to the indivisible body, mind and soul that is guided by a greater power.”

When I reflect on constellations in India, I have a sense that it contains the wisdom of the East and it is revealed through Constellations.


About Annie Cariapa

For many years now, I have felt the healing effects of Ayurveda, an eastern science of medicine. Our mind, body and spirit are part of our being. Any attempt to separate the whole would be to exclude an integral part of the self.

Samkhya, an ancient Indian philosophy of India, proposes that all beings are composed of the five elements- water, earth, fire, ether and air. The human being, the elephant and the ant all have the same elements. Constellation work also reverberates with the awareness of how we are all connected to each other and the world around us in the grand matrix of the universe.

India is diverse in cultures and sub-cultures, traditions, food, religions and traditions. Caste system and religious intolerance coexist, along with inclusion and tolerance. A deep rooted spirituality exists and devotion is expressed in every classical form of dance and music. It is woven through the tapestry of life in India. Yet we also see the paradoxes. And importantly there is also a thread of commonality that is woven throughout this country of paradoxes. Family Constellation speaks to every culture and every culture finds in it, an underlying resonance.


Tantra of the grateful heart

In the fabric of life, happiness and gra4tude are woven together. The spiritual conscience speaks with the heart to find new meanings with our life patterns. When we open up to this new perspective, the heart fills with a gratitude and we find a happiness that flows from the inner self.

In our experience, family constellations paves the way for this experience of a homecoming. The tantric way to a grateful heart is by tuning into our body and phenomenology. Opening ourselves to intuitive truths that the Universe is trying to teach us.

In our coming together, you will be guided to find your way to open your heart chakra, and to move into the expansiveness of interconnection at so many levels.

The workshop will begin by setting the cradle for our work with an introduction and ritual of coming together. This will be followed by a brief explanation and an opportunity for all to connect with their wisdom guide in a short constellation.

You will learn a meditation/ visualisation to open your heart chakra to discover the oft hidden gem of the grateful heart. Expanding into the interconnectedness of inclusion with love. /

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