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Bertold Ulsamer

PhD in law, certified clinical psychologist, NLP-trainer, trauma therapist (Peter Levine),
originally from Germany. My strength is: Putting complicated psychological issues in a
nutshell. Understandable for everyone – because the essence is simple! Moreover, I want my participants not only to get ahead theoretically, but also practically. Thus I set great value on them making new experiences and gaining new personal insights.

About Bertold Ulsamer

After graduating in law I also studied psychology. I quickly noticed that I way prefer working with humans to working with paragraphs. So I started to practice as a psychologist – initially with individuals, then mainly with groups. Together with a colleague I founded an institute for NLP in management training, we developed and held many seminars about leadership, self-management and communication for customers like BMW, Siemens and Lufthansa.

In the 90’s I discovered the great influence of your own family of origin through the method of “family constellations”. Using this instrument, I returned to working as a therapist and held seminars and trainings all over the world (e.g. in Australia, India, South Africa, Russia and the US).

Today I integrate everything I have learned working as a coach and therapist, for the last 9 years, oftentimes in China. I am the author of more than 20 books in the field of professional communication, self-management, family constellations and personal growth that have been translated into 10 languages.

Ulsamer Systemaufstellungen, Fort- und Weiterbildung in Deutschland und international, Bücher und Videokurse: Startseite

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