Brenda Sutherland

B.Soc Sc (Psych) TAE, IICT, AHHCA

Brenda is a Holistic Counsellor, Founder & Director of The Awakening Group Pty Ltd. She founded the only accredited Holistic Counsellor training program in Australia integrating Systemic and Structural Constellation work.

Over the past 37 years Brenda has taught at universities, lectured at conferences, appeared on TV and radio, written for magazines and conducted seminars throughout Australia and NZ. She has facilitated many workshops for private, corporate and governmental organizations on personal growth and professional development including the use of Organisational Constellations.

Throughout her career Brenda has combined her personal commitment to her own self growth and extensive, yet unique, professional training including Psychology, EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming, Art Therapy, Tantra, Eco-psychology, , Kinesiology, Family & Organizational Constellation with world renowned facilitators (Dr Gunthard Weber, Dr Albrecht Mahr, Dr Guni Baxa, Dr Ursula Franke, Jakob Schneider, Dr Jane Peterson, Ed Lynch, Stephan Hausner etc). Furthermore, Brenda has trained with Bessel van de Kolk (one of the worlds leading trauma experts), Peter Levine as well as Pat Odgen; body centred psychotherapy. She has also trained in The Work of Byron Katie and is an Effectiveness (Communication) Training instructor.


About Brenda Sutherland

Brenda combines the latest neuroscience, attachment styles, arousal regulation, memory reconstruction techniques having trained as a PACT Level 1 Couples counsellor with Dr Stan Tatkin, the Founder of the Psychobiological Approach for Couple Therapy.

Combining her experience as one of top Tantra teachers in Australia in the 90s and a pioneering counsellor training organisation Brenda develops unique processes combining techniques to elicit dynamic change in clients in a short period of time. For instance her 2018 Australasian Systemic Conference presentation of “My Sexual Self and I” combined research on womens’ Unique Sexual Arousal System (Emily Nagoski’s work) with Internal Family Systems Therapy (Richard Schwartz) and Structural Constellations to disentangle social conditioning, beliefs and familial loyalties affecting womens’ experience of sex and their sexual brakes.

Brenda runs the Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training program, the Certificate and Diploma in Holistic Counselling as well as training in Effective Communication and The Work of Byron Katie training programs & Family Constellation workshops. She is currently developing an online counsellor training program on “Healing Sexual Abuse Trauma: A Systemic Approach”

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“Healing Sexual Abuse through Systemic Constellations: The Missing Piece
We very rarely talk about the actual systemic mechanics of conducting constellations addressing sexual perpetrators and victims (survivors). Often the burden is simply handed back but there are a number of essential components missing that make a huge impact on the metabolism of the events by the survivor. These components are the difference between a woman who had nightmares every night over 40 years to them completely stopping after one session or a woman completely consumed by the violation at 3 years old by an Uncle unable to move forward, to discovering herself anew, a stillness beyond ever experienced. Discover the steps often missing in healing sexual abuse trauma using systemic constellations.

Learning Outcomes
• Systemic Principles in operation contributing to Sexual abuse trauma
• Perpetrators: Who knew and who agreed?
• The child’s sacrifice for the family
• Burden carried
• Retrieval of Self
• Missing piece: Key movements
• Acknowledging the Love
• Case Studies from simple systemic visualisations
This is an interactive webinar where there is an opportunity for Q & A, and to either experience in breakout groups facilitating a type of constellation using these components, (not a sexual abuse one in this setting), or see one being facilitated.

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