Carola Castillo

School teacher, psychology studies, systemic therapist, family constellation, systemic coaching for organizations and master clinical hypnotherapist.

Director and founder of the Hellinger Institute of Venezuela and co-founder of the Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, USA.

Founder and Director of the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School.

About Carola Castillo

“Expansion and learning process in the level of consciousness”.

“An experience trough the body, mind and spirit that will guide you into a thoughtful field beyond the walls constructed in order to survive”.

A journey inside the shamanic ground with the use of sacred plants experiences. Ayahuasca, family constellation work according to Bert Hellinger and insights as a student from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in Chi Kung, Taijiquan and Zen.

She has created her own tools of working for individual sessions.

Her books can be found in Amazon and the AppStore.

Her podcast “Lonchera para el alma” in Spanish, is a virtual space for healing. A very successful space for helping people to accomplish insights and make the changes they are looking for a better life.

“With her Reconstructive® work, Carola has entered ways of development at the utmost edge of the galaxy of systemic work. It is intense, confronting, active and very real-life. It is working and playing with energies, constellation-like forms, and spiritual journeys. It is hard to tell upfront what Carola will be doing exactly, because she has moved on already.”

– Jan Jacob Stam

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