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if you are a facilitator there are circles for Learning new skills from those successfully working ONLINE, 1:1 and in groups.

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Jonine Lee Gabay

Incorporating Family Constellations, Somatic Breathwork Therapy and NLP into her trainings since 1993 she is passionate about their potential for healing inter-generational trauma and supporting the integration of our ‘internal family system’ including work with the inner child and shadow aspects. For the past 10 years her focus has been to support the promotion of FSCW through the Australasian and International Constellation Conferences.

CIRCLES– March 27th, May 2nd, June 5th (7-9pm AEDT, 9-11am CET)

March 27, Coming Together, the focus of this circle will be to connect as a community, create space to debrief the conference and then constellation work with our internal family system connecting with the parts of us most needing nourishment and support.

Vida Belsher – UK

Vida has been working with Systemic Therapy and Family Constellations for many years. She also offers Reiki, Tantric Massage, Women’s Retreats, Sister Circles and Cacao Ceremonies which focus on Shamanic Journeying, Inner Child Healing and Self Love in terms of connection to the energy of the Divine.

Vida facilitates constellations with a strong focus on giving voice to the ancestors. All of the words and emotions they couldn’t express, are invited and welcomed; this is their moment. Working from a shamanic perspective, she journeys deeply to the place where the words are waiting and helps them to be spoken.

CIRCLES– April 17th and April 24th

April 17th, 11am to 1pm CET: Join us as we investigate 4 Archetypes according to Jung; Queen, Witch, Amazonian, Lover King, Magician, Warrior, Lover Is your Queen ignored or overly controlling? Is your warrior actually standing up for you, or just likes inflicting pain? Is your Lover joyful or jaded? How do you identify with each of these Archetypes, and how are you connecting with these parts of you? Let the magic of constellations show you the answer to that. This circle will include a short introduction, a guided meditation to connect with your own Archetypes, break out room exercise, and a brief constellation where we will work as a group to bring one person’s 4 Archetypes in to order and balance.

April 24th, 7pm to 9pm CET: Seven Common Chakras. In this workshop we will look at the seven common Chakras, find out where they are out of balance, and work to bring them back in to harmony, so they can operate as a team. I will lead this movement using Systemic Therapy techniques, with the focus on inclusion and acceptance of what is.

Chayanika Bhiwaniwala – India

Director and Founder of SELF AND BEYOND- A psychotherapy Wellbeing centre. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal regression therapist including specialization in Past life therapy and Inner child work. She is a family constellations facilitator and also a HEAL YOUR LIFE workshop trainer.

CIRCLES– June 20th (11am – 1pm IST, 6.30am – 8.30am CET)

SELF LOVE is a stepping stone on the path of our spiritual journey to BEYOND.It is only when we start to fill our own container with self love , we start to radiate love rather than be needy and wait for others to fill us with love.

In the session “Loving SELF” that I humbly offer, I invite participants to explore the hidden dynamics of self that often sabotages or blocks us to embrace all parts within us. It’s only when we learn to accept and love self, we are ready to take a step towards BEYOND….

Anu Azrael – UK

Anu discovered Family Constellation in 2006. Firstly he worked with Yishai Gaster (heavily influenced by Albrecht Mahr) & Vivian Broughton. For about 12 years he followed, assisted and organised workshops for Svagito Leibermeister. Also trained in the field of International Systemic Constellation Association (notably with Jan Jacob Stam & Francesca Mason Boring) as well as avidly consuming Bert Hellinger’s writings and training DVDs. He then spent 5 years training and following Daan Van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual. More recently Anu also did some training with Bertold Ulsamer. Anu is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. In 2018 Anu also qualified as a Speaking Circles / Relational Presence Facilitator with Lee Glickstein & Doreen Downing in California. In recent times Anu has been overwhelmingly inspired by the writings of John O’Donohue and his deep & ineffable ability to support a kind of remembering of the deep connection we have with nature and ourselves.

CIRCLES– May 10th and May 26th (April 17 is now moved to May 26)

Letting the Field Speak to Us
What happens when we ‘get out of the way’ and begin to speak and live our lives in alignment with who we are really are? This work is a doorway to the practice of surrendering to the field. We will practice together letting the field speak through us. It is in this experience of disappearing that we find ourselves. Some of the principles of this work are: Slowing down, Befriending Silence, Befriending Mystery, Leading from vulnerability. This workshop will be a safely held & fully experiential space.

Julia Kirby – UK

If you’ve met me, you probably know about my tech-geeky side when it comes to constellating online. I’m always on the lookout for dynamic, visual tools that can support our work online, with the focus on making the experience as smooth as possible for group. After all, we don’t want participants to be aggravated by technology! Julia Kirby, her roots in Germany, lives and works in the UK. Originally a physiotherapist, she trained in FCW with Centre for Systemic Constellations in London in 2012/13 and is registered with ISCA. She is the Founder of The FeltSpace and offers monthly online constellation workshops with dynamic mapping.

CIRCLES– May 16th, 10am to 12nn CET

The Constellator’s TECH Lounge
What is different when we constellate online? What needs special attention? We will explore and experience how we can use some of the available online tools creatively to tend to the group and create a safe container for constellation work. Followed by time for questions and a demonstration of how to create your own hybrid way of working online.

Annie Cariapa – India

Annie has worked in the field of counselling & psychotherapy for the past 18 years. She uses an integrated approach, weaving together her expertise in Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Systemic constellation, Body work and related modalities. Her work reflects an integrated, systemic and spiritual approach.

CIRCLES– May 23rd, 9am – 11am CET

‘The facilitator and the High Art of Helping’ Family Constellation, the facilitator, and the High Art of Helping. The facilitation and practice of Family constellation is indeed a high art. Hellinger, in his wisdom, developed not the just work but the scaffolding on which family constellation leans into. This then becomes the code of ethical practice – one that supports, guides and protects the work, the practitioner, the seeker, and the system to which each belongs. We will open a constellation and then get a deeper understanding of the Orders of Helping. Learning will be through experience, live examples and discussion.

Ming Huey Chang – Taiwan-Canada

Ming has been leading online workshops before the pandemic started. Her focus is on Boundary, mother-child relationship, autonomy and self-empowerment. She is a Hellinger Schule alumnus and applies systemic way of living into everyday life Helping people correct their imprint is one of my favourite thing to do. I am a registered clinic social worker in BC, Canada and have had a practice online for many years. I work with body, energy and field.

CIRCLES– May 8th and June 6th

May 8th PST: Re-Birthing – many people don’t realize that their problematic patterns came from the imprint of their birth. Imagine how you would feel if you don’t get to complete the first and the most important task in your life? “I can’t finish what I started.” “I am not good enough.” “I didn’t try hard enough.” “I don’t have a right to be here.” Family constellation circle is the perfect setting to complete what you didn’t have a chance to complete.

June 6th, 10am – 12pm PST, 7pm – 9pm CET: Boundaries In this circle we will explore how to maintain boundary between you and a loved one. You choose a relationship you want to work on and set it up either using objects or you stand in with a representative.

Patricia Aguirre – Mexico

Patricia integrates the Family Constellations method upon a 15+ years experience on a spiritual journey, both on a personal basis and sharing through seminars, workshops and individual sessions. Her path through tantra, yoga and buddhism creates the framework for the deep spiritual aspect of the phenomenology, while her studies in transpersonal therapy, integral theory, transactional analysis, and somatics, help ground the more practical, emotional and relational aspects of the work.

CIRCLES– May 29th and June 19th

May 29th, 7pm – 9pm CET: Family Constellations. Finding a respectful place for emotions and the human experience. We are culturally taught to not give a healthy and sound space for emotions, yet emotions hold not just highly valuable information, but they are key points to integrate in order to go forward in our path in an integral way. Our minds might understand what we are supposed to do, but if we don’t include emotions by giving them a smart and strong container to express themselves, they will be acting as a string, pulling us back and requesting, in ever creating ways, to be seen, heard, and held.

June 19th, 7pm – 9pm CET: Finding love for resistance. Is a resistance a place to stop, or is it an invitation to go further. Does it mean we should take another direction, or simply witness? Sometimes resistance is seen as an unwillingness to open or do the work. It might sometimes be so. Sometimes its not. This work is highly important when dealing with trauma clients or people in sensitive states. Finding respect for resistance starts with us.

Aleksandra Shymina – UK

A London based systemic constellations practitioner, Aleksandra has trained with the Centre for Systemic Constellations in London and with Daan van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual in Mexico. She is registered with International Systemic Constellation Association and is part of the Systemic Ritual community in the UK. Aleksandra runs regular constellation circles and systemic rituals in Victoria, London and holds private sessions.

CIRCLES– May 10th and May 26th

May 10th (5pm – 7pm, 7pm – 9:30pm CET): Systemic Ritual to Integrate our Learning. Description: As we keep doing this work, systemic, shamanic, ritual, healing, we accumulate incredible number of insights about ourselves, our lives, our families and ancestors. Some of it is readily sinking in and becoming a living reality, but a lot of it just sits there as passive information. In this circle we will do a systemic ritual to connect with those insights that are not yet integrated, make space for them, and bring them into our inner world to impact our outer world.

May 26th (7pm to 9.30pm CET): Acknowledging the Witch Wound with Ritual and Constellations. Description: A lot of my work with clients recently has been focused around this theme. Irrespective of the presenting issue we would be led in the movement to acknowledge this century long wound of not being able to be fully oneself, of avoiding that inner part, which is connected to the mystery of the world, because of a threat connected to it. In this circle we will use systemic ritual and constellations to look at this wound within us, acknowledge it and understand what it means for us to step fully into owning our power.

Meghan Kelly – USA-Belgium

Meghan Kelly, originally from Colorado in the United States lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She has been working as a Systemic and Family Constellations facilitator since 2013, and her training comes from a variety of teachers including Anni Schuff in Buenos Aires –Founder of SECI and Certified Facilitator and Academic Advisor for the Center of Latin American Constellations, Elmar Dornberger in Boulder, Colorado, Maria Crespo – a first generation facilitator based in Barcelona, Spain, and Pia Kalhof in Norway, another first generator facilitator who specializes in Hellinger’s final work—Spiritual Constellations. In addition to formal trainings, she has studied with and observed many of the biggest names in constellation work, including Bert Hellinger himself, Stephan Hausner, Franz Ruppert, Albrecht Mahr, Elena Vesalago, and Joan Garriga in Spain.

Meghan is also a trained facilitator in Systemic Ritual® developed by Daan van Kampenhout. Meghan recently presented at the International Systemic Constellation Conference online with many of the top names in the field. Today she holds regular Constellation Circles, trainings and special workshops on various topics both in person and online. She also holds a monthly event for facilitators called “Stories from the Field.” Meghan works in both English and Spanish and is open to working with other cultures with translation support.

Find out more about her work and upcoming events at: or

CIRCLES– May 15th and May 29th

May 15th, 10am – 12pm CET: This circle will be about ‘Healing the Mother Line’. This is a workshop dedicated to healing your feminine lineage. Pain and hardship trapped in time from the women who came before you have been passed down the line, impacting and influencing your life today. The focus of this workshop will be on illuminating the path behind you, to illuminate the path before you, to let love flow. We will give strength where it is weak and invoke qualities from your female ancestors so you can embody them too and be empowered. Open to men and women alike, there will be some discussion about the work, an exercise for all participants and time for one constellation.

May 29th, 10am-12pm CET: You and your Moon Sign. Most people are aware of their astrological sun sign, which corresponds with your birthday. However, you also have a moon sign which corresponds with your inner and emotional world, where you retreat for safety and your experience with mom. By connecting with your moon sign, you gain a wealth of knowledge about your inner world and common mechanisms when life gets challenging, as it likely was from the start. This workshop will explain some theory about the moon sign from your astrological birth chart, and we will do constellation exercises to better understand your connection with your moon sign.

James Woeber – USA

Art of Heartful Living Institute, best-selling author, international trainer and consultant who for the past 25 years has helped thought leaders and socially minded entrepreneurs to manifest their greatest dreams and serve as powerful change agents in the world. As a master training and facilitator in family constellation work and energy healing he supports individuals and organizations to thrive through personal, transgenerational, and systemic trauma.

CIRCLES– May 15th (4pm – 6pm PDT, 1am – 3am CET)

Learn an innovative, whole systems approach for facilitators, trainers, and therapists, that combines constellation work and energy healing to provide deeper healing for your clients. Discover how to hone in on the key pattern that is replicating itself in the clients physical body, energetic system, life circumstances, and family system, and then address the root cause of their well-being to effect lasting change. In this session we will use hands-on constellation and energy healing exercises to build awareness and help you offer deeper benefit in your client sessions.

Kelvin Khemiel – Singapore

Kelvin Khemiel started his spiritual journey when he was 15 and he came from a linage of Chinese metaphysician within his family line. Though his journey did not begin as a Chinese metaphysician, he was able to perform the readings required by professional standards. Kelvin witness the growth of the New Age industries of Singapore and has been much respected by his own peers for his presence and contribution towards the New Age industries. He has a degree with merit from the National University of Singapore for Religious Studies and Communications. He has been trained in Multiple disciplines in various modalities of healing and reading in the East and West and has attained mastership for most of the modules. Some of these include Systemic Family Constellation, Aura-Soma, Kabbalah, Reiki, Chinese Fengshui, I-Ching, Crystal Healing and Energy Work, 72 Angels of the Tree of Life, Tarot and Numerology. Kelvin gained all his knowledge from the finest teachers around the world and they are known writers within the field of the metaphysics and esoteric arena.

CIRCLES– April 24th (4pm – 6pm SGT, 10am – 12pm CET)

Healing the opposition, This is a theme circle where we will be looking into the hidden dynamics of conflict that we may have with our family and the people in our life. Sometimes when we are connecting with people we go into the stories and the scripts that we and others have created. So the circle aims to discover what is hidden within as a secret in our energy that we can help to recognized and eventually come together as a whole.

Radhika Mansato – India

A practising Family Constellation Facilitator, she uses her trainings of Narrative and Solution Focused Therapy; Past life regression, Energy, Chakra Cleansing, Inner Child Work, Metaphor Therapy, in her work and Practice of individual and Group therapy.

Radhika has been a facilitator for several online and physical workshops for Family Constellation and is the Founder of Personal Touch, a space for 1:1 and group work. She also does virtual consultations.

CIRCLES– May 1st, 9am – 11am IST


Bell Tran and Ankur Nag – Vietnam

Bell Tran – Trainer, coach, speaker, therapist with over 17 years in Education and Training, Coaching and Healing. She is a Certified Professional Trainer, Certified Executive Coach (Marshall Goldsmith), Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Master Coach,
Past Life Regression Therapist, Inner Child Therapist, and a Family Constellations Facilitator, Certified Points of You ® Practitioner.

Ankur Nag – Working as a Coach in co-operate world, ANKUR also has an inclination towards the spiritual realm.

Believing in the vast potential of each individual, he made people conscious of their unique abilities and open the path of happiness. Exploring himself with energies, guided by Angels and aspiring to experience the richness of the spiritual world, he believes in compassionately embracing and taking everyone along with him on this journey.

He is a Family Constellator, Past Life Therapist, Angel Therapist and Reiki Master who acts as a catalyst/medium to heal people, transform, and answer the call of their soul.

CIRCLES– May 22nd, 8:30 am – 10.30am CET

Conscious Partnership
Ankur Nag and Bell Tran from Vietnam, together have formed a CONSCIOUS PARTNERSHIP to share their mission and vision to touch lives and inspire everyone to live their potential to the fullest, to become the love, light and true abundance they have always wanted, to integrate their inner family as well as their outer families, to expand their consciousness, and spread love, light, wisdom to those whom they have crossed their paths.

Linda Conyard – Australia

I educate & partner with leaders in the Health, Education, Justice & Government sectors to understand the importance and transformational potential of Socio-Political Trauma Sensitive Change. I use systemic constellation work through all my work in creating healthy and vibrant workplaces. As well as in my research project Healing Humanity Through Truth® which is focused on exploring what it will take to have unity between white Australians and First Nation Peoples here in Australia. The work is initially addressing white Australian’s unresolved collective trauma. The project at this point is a series of 24 constellation days – 1 per month for 2 years. I have consciously chosen not to do this as a PhD within the University system as I feel I would struggle with the framework and feel I need to allow the field to show me what is next.

CIRCLES– April 11th (5pm – 7pm AEST, 8am – 10am CET)

‘The Power of Sitting in not Knowing’

Dr. Maxine Therese – Australia

Dr Maxine Therese is a leading expert in the field of children’s wellbeing. Her Ph.D. research proposed a theory of the child as a soul with integrated body, mind and spirit and a new developmental model for children’s needs and wellbeing based on the Indian chakra system. Her book The Push for a Child Philosophy: What children really Need you to Know, was published in 2017. 

CIRCLES– June 11th

Meirav Schreiber – Israel

I am a leader trainer, teach and facilitate Constellations in the Israeli International School of Systemic Constellation founded by Yishar Gaster. I am part of the council of the School for two years. I facilitate constellations in Israel, Italy and on Zoom.

I dedicate my life to inner search for my Soul, and others, as I discovered over the years that “meaning of life” for me is to stay with my experience in an open ended curiosity that teaches me about relationships of all kinds, with family, friends, the world and the Divine. I joined the Diamond Heart School for self development with A.H Almaas in 2006 where I keep myself engaged in a live inquiry and add this nature of inner work to the Family Constellations path.

Elisha Galambos

Expanding Horizons: Music for the Parts workshop
Join Elisha A. Galambos of EAG Innovation for self-care, music, and connection in the Expanding Horizons: Music for the Parts workshop. This workshop is based upon experiential peer to peer self care practice. Through using cross-generational music for self-reflection and growth, you’ll be guided to an ancestral place of belonging while forging a unique path for your innermost parts to be cared for. Upon completion, you’ll leave with a creation whether in dance, visual arts, or a written format of your choosing that will support you in fulfilling the empowerment of your wellbeing with music. Please note, this workshop addresses diverse disability communities and multicultural needs and is accessible for those with vision loss, HOH and deaf communities, and persons who use wheelchairs and mobility devices.

CIRCLES– June 12th, 7pm – 9pm CET

About Elisha
Elisha A. Galambos is the Director & Founder of EAG Innovation. Elisha specializes in supporting children, youth and their families through solution-focused counselling combining the therapeutic arts, embodiment techniques through mindfulness and yoga, and Gestalt techniques. Elisha has spent the last eight years of their career working with children and youth of diverse backgrounds and developing community engagement strategies for both non-profit and profit-making organizations. Elisha uses their passion to build on the foundations of lived experience as evidence, building safer communities, and equitable health access for all. They are a leader and a consultant within various communities who demonstrates caring and passionate involvement.

Anne Sexton-Bryan – USA

After over two decades of traveling the world in her work, the Inner World called. She has been deepening into her own field for over 40 years as a life practice. Learning how to hold and heal great difficulties within herself, and her family, has brought her to larger fields for healing and wholeness within herself and her clients. She believes whether you are working for yourself, your family or an organization or system, constellation work begins within. She is grateful to her teachers of meditation, healing and constellation work, and to her clients who present what is needed in the moment to acknowledge, accept and agree to, and to the healing movements that arise from The Knowing Loving Field. She also believes as long as we are in a body, we have a chance to bring an even more peace into our world.

What’s app +1 406 539 1721 E

CIRCLES– June 13, 6pm-8pm CET or 10am – 12nn MST

Deepening Into Your Field For Greater Impact; Living in the unknown is a constant now. Given the widening field of the unknown, how do you develop your presence to have a deeper and wider impact in your constellation work? I recall Bert Hellinger began constellations with curiosity, reverence and respect. His ‘in the moment, in the unknown’ presence initiated great healing, and a global movement due to his decades of spiritual and practical work on himself. As my teacher the NASA physicist and energy healer Barbara Brennan said, “It is your presence that heals.” I believe the deeper we go within and heal, and re-member ourselves first, feeling the deeply held pain we work so hard to avoid first, a deeper awareness, new movements, interventions, and healing arises from a cantered, reconnected, rooted place within. Join me to explore the depths of your field as a constellator, whether individual, family, systemic or organizational now.

Mirjana Smolic & Charlie O’Malley

Good Endings; new beginnings, clearing what holds us back from moving on. This Circle focuses on endings. After we’ve ended a relationship or left a place or a job, we sometimes may carry a sense of an ‘unfinished business’, of something that is still connecting us to those we left, of something that hold us back from moving on and fully engaging with our current lives. How to support ending movement? What contributes to its completion so that we can be fully available for a new beginning?
Whats App: 0031611361641

CIRCLES– May 2nd, 10am – 12nn CET and June 20th, 10am – 12nn CET

About Mirjana Smolic
Mirjana is constellation practitioner standing in the soulful lineage of Judith Hemming, as associate teacher connected to CSC in London, a faculty member of the Storytelling Academy in the Netherlands and artist. Fascinated by the human condition; relation between the free will and fate, between what is given and pre-determined vs that which is in our hands, between wanting and surrendering.

About Charlie O’Malley
Charlie has been practicing Constellations for almost 20 years. He originally trained in Organisational Constellations with Judith Hemming in the first UK organisational training. He recently also completed his Family Constellations training with Gaye Donaldson and Chris Williams. His day job is working at the UN Development Programme on systems change in global food and agriculture.

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