Dean Mason

 Dean is a senior leadership coach with Leading Well and has been influential in growing systemic organisational work in Australia since helping organise the first Intensive in 2011.

About Dean Mason

Professionally, his overarching goal is to help lift the performance and wellbeing of organisations, so they can do greater good and less harm in the world, by enhancing the understanding and practices of senior leaders and their teams. His approach to this is both personal and collaborative. Fields of practice and study such as Systemic Constellation Work require the personal living of the work for it to be life-giving for clients. As organisations are a form of collaboration, such work also requires that it be developed in collaboration. For Dean, this involves building communities of practice to be living laboratories of the work for producing richer and more beneficial experiences for organisational clients.


About Systemic Group Supervision for Organisational Practitioners Co-Facilitated with Karen Tweedie MCC

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Karen and Dean have run workshops examining Systemic Principles and their application to organizational leadership over the last six years. This experiential workshop engages participants in Systemic Group Supervision and enables the exploration of the various dimensions of professional practice. Participants are able to take a wider view of the issues and challenges their clients bring and discern the personal, team, organisational or wider system dynamics at play and grow their capacity for working from a systemic orientation.

Systemic supervision is an invitation to learn and gain support in three key ways: to hone individual approaches of responding to client issues, to access and contribute to the wisdom of like-minded professionals, and to experience new ways of observing and understanding dynamics usually hidden from view.

Working in a confidential and supportive setting allows participants to stop, zoom out, and reflect on how we do what we do in service of our clients. Each session enables several participants to share a current client challenge or opportunity and, with the support of respected colleagues, to ‘let the light in’ to ensure we stay aligned with the difference we’re wanting to make in the world.


Who Should Attend

Designed for leaders, coaches, facilitators and mentors willing and an open to learn about system dynamics in action in a collaborative space. The sessions provide participants with an opportunity for a deeper reflection on client and self through the systemic lens.


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