Elena Veselago

Mother, Father, Me

This is the image our life begins with, this image that will be with us forever. The source of our greatest love and our deepest pain reside inside of this 'triangle'.

2 Day Workshop

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Crows Nest Community Centre, Sydney NSW



2 Day Workshop

Crows Nest Community Centre, Sydney NSW

MOTHER, FATHER, ME - Systemic Constellations

Elena Veselago is a leading Russian constellations facilitator, leader and organizer of the Russian Professional Constellation Community. Studying with Bert Hellinger, Elena then continued her education with the most important international constellations masters. Elena is a regular presenter at international professional conferences in Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Combining her deep sensitivity to the knowing eld, knowledge of systemic laws and access to great resources of both humanity and nature, Elena created her own style of doing constellations as well as developing a correspondent vocabulary of definitions and techniques that serve their integration.

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Through the experiential process of Systemic Constellations Elena will share and show the eld processes behind parents and children relationship development.“My mother didn’t want me” and “my mother doesn’t love me”, “my father left us”, “they wanted me to become a lawyer, when I wanted to be a dancer”. All of the above are indicative of a deep imbalance in a “parent and child” system.

When reading ‘the eld’ we can see unhealthy imbalances and face the challenges that need to be accepted. Then, “my mother didn’t want me” turns into the process of growing stronger instead of an eternal vain expectation that the mother will suddenly change her mind into “wanting me” (even when she is not alive anymore).

Elena will demonstrate and explain what is needed for resolution (so that the participants see a way out.) The only thing that will still be needed is to have courage and love to go there.

While facilitating constellations for participants Elena will provide detailed comments and explanations of the unfolding process as well as offering exercises for all participants to experience.

This workshop is useful for both parents and children. Every participant will nd new perspectives to resolve their own problems.

Professionals will receive correspondent comments and explanations relevant for working with clients in the practice.

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