Elena Veselago

Elena Veselago (Russia, Moscow) – Is an international Constellation facilitator and Trainer, and Director of Open Field Institute, one of Russia’s largest education organizations. She has been in practice since 2006 having trained with Bert Hellinger and many other leading masters all over the world. She offers workshops, trainings and 1:1 sessions internationally.


About Elena Veselago

Elena is also founder and a leader of the largest Russian-language Constellation information and resource centre with over 20 thousand readers.



Outcome-focused constellations (EXP). In this workshop I will describe how to facilitate constellations of outcomes and intents, including constellations for oneself. We will study how we can support achievement of an outcome together with deep examination of reasons that prevent its reaching, and also through resource work deliberately aiming at the outcome. I will propose exercise sessions to all the participants and will also facilitate some demo constellations.

The art and practice of field reading (ADV). Field reading is not a random process and is not an outcome of a therapist’s ‘giftedness’. Field reading is a practice that is subject to certain laws. In this workshop I would like to describe these laws that we can use to perceive a client’s problem with enough precision and propose its natural solution, being every time unique for every client. I will demonstrate how to make field diagnosis of trauma, entanglements and other field distortions (including magic/sorcery exposure and distortion of the border between life and death). I will also share how to set up the right therapeutic stance so that all these distortions are managed in a natural way with no need in lengthy analysis and severe interventions.

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