Family, Systemic Constellations

Experiential Workshops


Melbourne – April 13 FREE/14  Abbotsford Convent

Sydney –  June 15 FREE/16  I July  13/14 I Aug 17/18 Crows Nest

Experience the magic of Constellations – Practical insights and skills for Relationships, Health & Success 

BE Inspired Personally and Professionallyy b

Creating VIBRANT Relationships for Health, Wellbeing & Purposeful Successb


By bringing hidden dynamics and conflicts to light, Constellations create space for acknowledging and addressing unresolved issues, whether they stem from past traumas, family secrets, or unspoken expectations.  A brief solution-focused process you will learn skills for relationships, health and business.

Unlock the keys to thriving relationships, holistic health, and purposeful success! Join us for an enlightening 2-day workshop dedicated to reshaping your approach to love, health, and achievement.

If you grapple with challenges in your love relationships, within family dynamics or organisational systems, this will be profoundly insightful and give practical skills

Relationships come in diverse forms, often shaped by the imprints of our early connections, especially with our parents. This workshop delves into understanding these dynamics and how they influence our adult relationships, with self, partner, family and with career/business and success.

Purposeful Success through Balanced Relationships

A collaborative workshop with 6 skilled facilitators offering sessions covering various aspects of personal and professional growth:

Melbourne Presenters April 13/ 14

 Chris Walsh, Jonine Gabay, Karen Tweedie, Judith Richardson,

Catherine Ingram Silver, Tony Byrne & Karena Coller



Meet our skilled SYDNEY Presenters – offering diverse skills to support your intentions

What you can expect

Our time together will be highly experiential and you are invited to participate at your own pace.  You will gain a great deal of insight by simply being in the presence of the constellation of others.

You’ll experience and understanding the intricate “orders of love” operating within family systems and across generations.

Learn how emotional wounds can disrupt the flow of love, affecting your ability to receive and give love, ultimately impacting your overall wellbeing 

  • Career Dynamics & Family Patterns: Explore how family dynamics impact careers and learn strategies to maximize success regardless of familial influences.
  • Purpose & Transitioning: Reflect on personal purpose for the new year, understanding obstacles, and aligning with individual journeys.
  • Systemic Constellations & Archetypes: Identify systemic barriers impacting adult development using universal archetypes for individual insight and growth.
  • Japanese Wisdom for Being: Embrace presence and being amidst life’s busyness by incorporating Japanese concepts of Rei, Ma, and Kokorozashi.
  • Harmony with Life: Practice accepting reality and aligning with life to bring transformation and healing in everyday life.
  • Acknowledging the Past for Progress: Understand the significance of accepting the past within systems of belonging for moving forward without resistance.
Family Constellation Workshop

April 13 FREE DAY

Attend both days April 13/14 just $195

MELBOURNE – Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford 

USUAL FEE $450 for 2-day workshops, the Saturdays (ONLY) of all events are OFFERED as a FREE GIFT, to attend both days is just $195………still a GIFT!



June 15 FREE DAY

Attend both days just $195

June 15/16  I July  13/14 I Aug 17/18

SYDNEY – Crows Nest Community Centre, Crows Nest

USUAL FEE $450 for 2-day workshops, the Saturdays (ONLY) of all events are OFFERED as a FREE GIFT, to attend both days is just $195………still a GIFT!


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