Family, Systemic & Organizational

October 23 to 27 Collaroy Beach, Sydney  – OPEN TO ALL 

Skills for healing intergenerational trauma, connecting with the strengths of our Ancestors, and generating greater creative potential

Explore the transformative power of family constellations in our intensive workshops. Join our experienced constellation therapy group for profound insights into systemic family constellation therapy. Family Constellations offer skills that are easily integrated into an existing practice and complement all other modalities.

October 23 to 27, 2024 Collaroy Beach, Sydney 

OPEN TO ALL – no experience needed, join a wonderful open hearted community!

Be inspired & energized personally and professionally with our family constellations workshops

Professional Development

Systemic Skills for Therapy, Coaching, Health, Education, Business

Personal Development

Learn skills for Relationships, Parenting, Family Dynamics, Health and Success

           Over 20 skilled Presenters offer innovative approaches

William L Mannle USA.  Margarete Koenning Columbia/Aus, Maria Dolenc Slovenia/Aus, Roma Gaster (Organizational Constellations) Jonine Gabay, Simon d’Orsogna, Gabriela Salabert Argentina/ Aus, Martina Hughes & Rod Gordon, Susan Altschwager,  Isy Gabrielle, Robbie Moore, Ingrid van der Aa Netherlands/Aus (Organizational), Robert Foster 

2024 Sydney Intensive Program offers both daily attendance or with onsite accommodation


Family/Systemic Constellations offer skills for healing intergenerational trauma and destructive patterns which manifest as unresolvable health, relationship or career issues. A brief solution-focused and dynamic psychotherapeutic approach that connects us to the strengths of our ancestors and healing on the level of the SOUL.

If you are a THERAPIST, COACH, HEALTHCARE Practitioners, educator or on a person journey of self-discovery, this work is amazing for healing relationship, understanding the purpose of symptoms and so much more.

All workshops are a combination of seminar and experiential processes and exercises. You are invited to participate at your own comfort level, and there is plenty of support available for both your Learning and Healing journey.


Want to STUDY ONLINE? Check out the 2024 Certification ONLINE Training and Professional Development OPTIONS

If you are looking for ONLINE  opportunities check out the International Family Constellation Facilitator Training as much a Professional Development Program for those wishing to deepen and expand their skills as a certification Training, with over 40 International Trainers

5-day Program: Oct 23 – 27


Registration from 12 noon – Program starts Wed 2pm till Sunday 3pm

Daily Program includes optional early morning and after dinner sessions Breathwork, Sound Bath, Dance, Mediation

Main Sessions with faculty 9.30 to 5.30 Thurs, Fri, Saturday

Join us for a full program of experiential workshops with 15 skilled facilitators offering Family, Systemic  & Organizational Constellations

Personal and Professional development  OPEN TO ALL

Early Bird $750 AUD (incl all meals, accom additional cost)  FULL FEE $1050 AUD SAVE $200

Collaroy Beach, Sydney

The Collaroy Center, Collaroy Beach, Sydney 

Our venue is 40 mins from the airport and CBD, 5 mins easy walk to the BEACH and local cafes and restaurants.

Non residential fee includes morning/afternoon teas plus lunch & dinner 

Residential fee incl accom and ALL meals breakfast to supper………..its a super good deal

DIRECT DEBIT OPTION – Constellation Intensive  BSB 112879   A/C 487750996   SWIFT CODE: SGBLAU2S

About Family / Systemic Constellations

A brief solution focused method Systemic constellation are an effective tool in the resolution of interpersonal problems in both families and organizations. At the leading edge of psychotherapeutic approaches there has been an explosion of interest in both Systemic/Family and Organizational Constellations. Emerging out of family therapy, systemic theory, psychodynamic, existential and phenomenology it was initially developed in Germany by Bert Hellinger nearly 40 years ago. It has applications for therapy, coaching, health, education, organizations, and larger social issues.

At the core of this approach are what Hellinger refers to as the ‘Orders of Love’. Disturbances in these orders might be an unconscious ‘entanglement’ with the difficult fate of a family member, even going back several generations.

These disturbances often manifest symptomatically as dysfunctional patterns such as addictions, depression, conflict in relationships or ill health. They could show up in our lives as grief, anger or guilt, which despite our best efforts, is never resolved. It can be that we ‘carry’ something that belongs to our parents or a previous generation.

The purpose of a family constellation is to reveal the hidden dynamics of such a situation and point the way toward resolution. It is a way of working with the collective consciousness to restore the natural flow of love.

Families and individuals can address issues such as addiction, marriage and relationship, understand persistent and chronic symptoms and health challenges, mental illness, adoption, grief, employment and finances

Business & Organisational Constellations

Organizational/Systemic Constellations are helpful

  • Powerful, relatively new method to analyse complex problems
  • Find sustainable solutions and free the energy to take the necessary steps
  • Give in-depth insight to establish the source of a problem quickly
  • Restructuring, branding, merges and acquisitions,
  • Decision making and strategy development
  • Culture transformation

Organizational or business constellations are a variation of family constellations used in therapy to transform personal issues and create balance in personal relationships. Both dynamics are essentially about relationships and viewing them through a wider systemic lens has great benefits for all those involved.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Simplifying complexity
  • Untangling patterns and conflicts: hidden dynamics in the relationships between different parts of the system are revealed, enabling stuck patterns and misplaced loyalties to be addressed and resolved.
  • Enabling innovation: by giving people a clearer sense of the whole and ways forward that strengthen the whole system, the potential for innovation and energy to achieve excellence can be unlocked.
  • Finding our place: helping leaders – and their change coaches – find their right place in the system leads to a greater sense of belonging and wellbeing and improves performance.


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