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Francesca Mason Boring

As part of the wonderful teachings being offered at the now ONLINE Australasian
International Systemic Constellation Intensive 2021 (www.constellationintensive.com)
you will be gifted with the wise and generous Francesca Mason Boring, esteemed elder, bi-
cultural author and trainer whose unique approach has been highly regarded in her
presentations at national and international conferences on indigenous and collective
wisdom. Francesca has been a faculty member of the German Constellation Intensive since 2007 as well as the Australasian and North American Intensives and many other
constellation events around the globe.

About Francesca Mason Boring

Although Family Constellation may be therapeutic, Francesca does not present it as therapy.  She describes this method as “one of the most profoundly beautiful healing paths that can be taken. This work, for me, is an extension of ceremony, a road of indigenous healing.”

A Transformational Walk with the Family Soul Family Systems Constellation provides a transformational walk for those who are ready to live in the flow of love, life, health and prosperity. Using a wider systemic lens Systemic and Family Constellations reveals those places where one suffers out of loyalty to the challenges, wounds and fears of the past in the system. Being disconnected from our lineage, land and stories, many modern souls are searching for the inclusion which is so often found in a simple movement in the Circle.

In addition to Family Systems Constellation as developed by Bert Hellinger, this insightful work has extended to include solutions for other systems: Organizational Systems, Natural and Environmental Systems, Community Systems, and the method has also provided understanding for interrelationships in social and political dynamics.

A bicultural woman enrolled with the Western Shoshone Tribe, Francesca facilitates Family, Human & Nature Systems Constellation as Ceremony, as a transformational work, escorting those who are interested in systemic healing for their immediate family, family of origin, community, or organization. She says “This work, for me, is an extension of ceremony- a road of indigenous healing.”

Author, international facilitator, teacher, and lecturer, working with universal indigenous fields in family constellation Francesca generously supports the ongoing development of constellation as ceremony, community constellations, and nature constellations. In her presence you feel deeply held.
Her observation is that the demonstration of collective wisdom occurs most easily when respect is given for the individuals, ancestors, elders and children represented in each person.


Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellation Work With Nature, Edited by Francesca Mason Boring and Kenneth Edwin Sloan, 14 contributing authors from 5 different countries
Connecting to Our Ancestral Past: Healing Through Family Constellations, Ceremony, and Ritual
Family Systems Constellation & Other Systems Constellation Adventures: A Transformational Journey
Family & Systems Constellations: In the Company of Good People
Feather Medicine: Walking in Shoshone Dreamtime: A Family System Constellation

Botschaften aus dem indignen Feld: Rituelle Elemente und Zeremonien in Systemaufstellungen,

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