Gabriela Assmar

Lawyer and mediator, using Systemic Constellations for conflict resolution.

Master’s degree from New York University, MBA from Dom Cabral Foundation and certified by the International Ombudsman Association.

Pioneer in Mediation in Brazil, with practice also in the USA and Argentina. Invited teacher in several institutions.

She is a Senior Fellow of the Weinstein International Foundation (originally part of JAMS’s Foundation (USA)), belongs to the CPR International Panel of Mediators (USA) and was the first Brazilian name mentioned in Who’s Who Commercial Mediation.


About Gabriela Assmar

She co-founded the Mediation Commission of OABRJ, for which she won the Innovare Award 2009. Learn more about the award by clicking here.

She supervises mediations in the TJRJ since 2007, is a senior mediator in the Corporate Courts of the TJRJ and mediation instructor in the National Council of Justice (CNJ).

She is a member of the Council of the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions (CONIMA).

She was legal director, director of Institutional Relations and Ombudsman in large companies and founded ProAcordo – Mediation of Business Conflicts in 2008. She is co-author of the Brazilian Mediation Law (Law 13.140/15).

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