Gamze Cassandra Evren

I’ve started my journey in this lifetime with an instant interrupt in the bonding, followed by many other contributing factors, which resulted in years of anxiety, self-worth problems, emotional ups and downs and so on.

I managed to move on to the cup half full perspective by experiencing, learning, applying many different modalities. Each piece of the work contributed bit by bit, the ones which produced the most dramatic results and breakthroughs, I got trained in right away.

Over the years, the pursuit of my self-healing turned into a lifelong passion of helping others.


About Gamze Cassandra Evren

I integrated my experience as a Master Systemic Family Constellations Practitioner, Registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Advanced Neuro-Trance Psychotherapist and designed my signature system “The Ultimate Anxiety Relief System”.

Through my system, achieving a breakthrough from anxiety, and self-transformation, takes as little as 8 weeks. It’s a pure joy seeing the smile on my clients’ faces along with the excellent results we reach together.

Battling with anxiety doesn’t have to be a destiny.

Gamze founded Inner Circle Healing (, in Sydney’s inner west, where she offers gentle and precise sessions, on rapidly identifying the core problems and fully eradicating Anxiety & Stress, Infertility and Problematic Relationships.

Gamze is a contributing author of “The Anxiety Relief Handbook: Calm and Effective Anxiety Relief Tools from Complimentary and Allied Health Professionals”.

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