Gaye Donaldson,
CSC Director

The Centre for Systemic Constellations was founded in 2001 by the UK’s leading teachers and practitioners which included Judith Hemming, Jutta ten Herkel and Richard Wallstein. Together, our faculty develop and run systemic constellation training courses, masterclasses, seminars and workshops, as well as offering continuing professional development (CPD), supervision and specialist training, in the UK and internationally.

At the Centre we teach a diverse, integrative and soul oriented approach to the work that includes many ‘ways’ of working – including classical Hellinger family constellations, solution-focused work (structural constellations), trauma and ritual-based approaches among others.

We do this so that students can develop a broad systemic vision and in time develop their own way of working which is true for them. What is essential is that we all work safely, respectfully and responsibly from a grounded place of inner connection, presence with an excellent training behind us.

The Centre, now registered as a not-for-profit company with an educational and community remit, is deeply committed to excellence in the field of systemic constellation work. Our wish is to support others to develop this work in ways that are both professionally and personally creative, supportive and illuminating.

About Gaye Donaldson

Managing Director of the Centre and teaching faculty member. She has trained extensively in both family and organisational constellations. She facilitates workshops, and works as a systemic coach & consultant both in the UK and abroad. Gaye uses constellations in the creative arts including film and theatre, she also worked with ‘Healing the Wounds of History’ addressing conflict resolution in the Middle East.

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