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Goksel Karabayır

I was born on 29th May 1966. I graduated from Kabatas High School ( KEL) and after that from Istanbul University Sociology , master degree on both Clinical Psychology and  Psychological Counseling. I am married and I have two sons.

About Goksel Karabayır

I participated seminars about constellation work on ethnic studies, one aspect of which was contributing to peace and friendship,  organized two times in Istanbul-Turkey and once in Athens – Greece by Hellinger Turkey Institute.

Participation in Bert Hellinger’s group workshop in Albert Long Hall at Bogazici University organized by Hellinger Turkey Institute has been an important milestone for me.  Putting all his knowledge aside  to be used when needed and each time as if he is doing the constellation work for the first time with curiosity of a small child, minimizing mental conditioning as much as possible, watching representatives in the field through phenomenological and at the same time systemic and holistic  perception ,  trusting  “the knowing field” and representative perception – Bert Hellinger’s work, alongside with providing very obvious  answer to many of my theoretical and practical questions consisted until that day has been the most important driving force for my intention to understand the constellation work profoundly. At the end of this intensive workshop,  during which I have been placed in “the knowing field” as a representative in many cases, dear Bert, together with a few sentences which he shared privately with me,  told me with deep humility: “I and You, helped people together”  and honored me by taking me into his working field – this has clarified my decision to work in that field as a professional.  The work at Bogazici University was also a beginning of a period of very close and highly valuable exchange with Bert Hellinger which I have never thought, planned or presumed. Whatever is “That”, the big one, the unknown, it thinks and does everything on our behalves and no one, nothing can prevent things which are supposed to happen.

I have participated in the international training program, organized by Hellinger Sciencia in Austria, about family and organizational constellations with a new approach which Bert Hellinger presented together with Sophie Hellinger,  from its very beginning with continuous attendance.

I have been participating for four years in “Trauma Constellation Work” seminars held by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert in London and Bristol in England, organized by Vivian Broughton, who is a founder of Constellation Work Training Ltd.  Together with these studies’ very important contribution to my
intention of getting  in-depth understanding on the subject of symbiotic relationship , attachment, attachment disorders and traumas , existential traumas and loss traumas;  I also find a chance to practically follow Franz Ruppert’s new and  constantly evolving theories on psychosis.

I have participated in the group workshop held by Ursula Franke and organized by Constellation Work Training Ltd. in Bristol, England.
I have participated in a very intensive program for organizational constellations organized by International Organizational Constellations Training Intensive (IOCTI) in 2008 in Hacienda Vista Hermosa, Mexico.

I have participated in Bert Hellinger Institute – The Netherlands’  international training program which concept was “Systemic Dynamics in Organizations”,  consisted of  three modules and lasting  two years in Groningen, Holland.

I have participated in an intensive training program  in Cloister Bernried, which is located in the South of Munich in Germany; organization owned by The International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) which I am a member as well and which existence I give a lot of importance to.
Together with Mahr, I have participated in the first module of a two- year program where very specific studies have been conducted  in Raanana near Tel Aviv, Israel (27th May- 1st June 2010).

I have attended the international education program and congress on the occasion of Bert Hellinger’s 85th birthday with the participation of 650 people from 55 different countries,  organized by Hellinger Siencia for the first time in such a big scale in Bad Reichenhall, Germany during 3rd-16th
December 2010.

I have been one of the participant in the Australian Pacific Constellation Work Program organized for the first time in outstandingly beautiful Sydney city in Australia –  the biggest island and the smallest  continent in the world , between 18th-25th January 2011. During this intensive program, which
opening was made by the first inhabitants of the Australia continent – Aborigines,  we mutually exchanged knowledge and  we shared each other’s experiences with my colleagues from America, Germany, Austria and of course Australia.

I have been in the conference organized under the name “2011 U.S. Systemic Constellations Conference” in San Francisco, United States between 28th-30th October. We exchanged opinions with many European and American colleagues about the future of constellation work. My personal
observation was so that beside many facilitators who are doing valuable work, there are also many practitioners who started emptying the context of the constellation work, so to speak diluting the essence of the work.

I attended the conference pioneered by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert under the name of  “1. International Conference Of Multigenerational Psychotraumatology” in Munich, Germany between 26th-28th October 2012. Beside the very  valuable work about how constellation work will support healthy autonomy; the studies of my colleagues were extremely important in sense of testing the validity of my ideas about how important are symbiosis and autonomy polarization regarding human development.

With a purpose to contribute to the development of the constellation work in Turkey, I established a consultancy and education center under the name of “ Constellation Consultancy”.

I teach “Family, Organization, Trauma Constellation Work” and train constellation facilitators in 11 different groups of 250 students, sharing my experiences gained in international fields.


Our published books in Turkish:

Bert Hellinger ‘’Rising In Love , a philosophy of being’’
Franz Ruppert ‘’Trauma, Bonding & Family Constellations’’
Franz Ruppert “Splits in the soul”
Franz Ruppert “Symbiosis and Outhonmy”
Franz Ruppert “Trauma,Fear and Love”
Vivian Broughton ‘’In The Presence Of Many, Reflections

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