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Goothala Doyle

Goothala offers his indigenous cultural work with ‘Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom’ Aboriginal practices and processes through Ceremony Gaining deeper and higher perspective of one’s self on all levels and dimensions.

About Goothala Doyle

Anyone attending Goothalas ‘Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom’ workshop they will be given the choice to agree to the general terms and conditions as follows,

Let it be known, We who agree and have chosen to of our own freewill and choice,

Respectfully acknowledge the original ancient ancestors of this land and all of creation,

All that is human all that is of this earth on all levels and dimensions,

Our lands, Our waters, Our seas, Our skies, space and stars,

All that our sun shines on and reflects,

We honour the presence of our old men and our old women that are of good intent,

And whether they be in their bodies or not,

We their descendants of our ancestors and children of tomorrow,

Who reside in the imaginations of our ancient ancestral spirits,

Who’s spirituality continues to flow through all creation, (c)

                                                                                                        ‘Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom’  

Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom gatherings are a drug and medication free Aboriginal Cultural process for dealing with matters of the soul as well as emotional and physical issues.  We acknowledge that the Human Spirit is always present and plays a larger than life role in our stories, our songs, our journey, our dreamtime and our dreaming.


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