A Fung ACI 2020

Gunthard Weber

The ONLINE Conference is so pleased to have esteemed elder and close collaborator with Bert Hellinger along with Hunter Beaumont during the earliest development of Family Constellations

About Gunthard Weber

Although retired, and now focusing his support more fully on projects to build schools in Mali, Gunthard is delighted to be able to share his experience of those early years with Bert and also join with many of his collegues in a panel discussion on the development of Constellations.

Gunthard Weber, 1940, M.D., psychiatrist, psychotherapist, systems therapist and consultant. 10 years at the University of Heidelberg. Founder and co-founder of numerous professional associations and institutes. Co-founder and managing partner of the Carl-Auer Publishing house in Heidelberg. Author and editor of over 100 scientific publications and 7 books. The book Zweierlei Glück (Loves Hidden Symmetry) was translated into 23 Languages. Organizer of numerous congresses, continuing education activities in 32 countries. Retired since 2020. Volunteering in Mali since 2004 (school and vocational training mainly for girls and young women.

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