International Family, Systemic Constellation Intensive 2024

Discover how to identify and release intergenerational traumas that can be affecting relationships, health, success and happiness, connect to the resources and wisdom of our Ancestors


Open to All – Inspiration Personally & Professionally

 Join us for an extraordinary gathering of esteemed elders, first and second generation Systemic Constellators, many with more than 40+ years teaching internationally. A truly unique opportunity to gain systemic insight from leaders in the field and gather as a Global Learning Community.

OPEN to ALL including those on a journey of self discovery.  It is ideally suited to those seeking Professional Development, to deepen and/or add to existing skills.  Family Constellations is a brief solution focused method that reveals hidden dynamics impacting relationships, health, success and happiness.   The program offers practical SKILLS easily integrated into an existing practice, and infinitely supportive for ALL relationship dynamics.

Meet our Esteemed International Faculty

Bertold Ulsamer, Sneh Schnabel, Germany, Judith Hemming UK, Stephan Hausner, Ingala Robl PhD Mexico, Francesca Mason Boring, USA

Shavasti UK,  Cecilio Fernandez Regojo Spain, Anngwyn St Just PhD USA, Dragos Riti Romania, William L. Mannle USA, and Mark Wolynn TBC


Join a Global Learning Community for this deep dive into Systemic, Family Constellations, with Master Facillitators

Learn its applications for therapy, coaching, health and business

Family constellations provide a unique opportunity to gain systemic insight into the dynamics of family and organizational systems. It allows you to see beyond individual perspectives and recognize the interconnections, hidden loyalties, and unresolved issues that may be affecting your life and relationships.

By observing and experiencing the constellations of others, you can develop a broader understanding of how family patterns and dynamics impact individuals across generations. This systemic perspective can lead to profound personal growth and healing.

If you are a THERAPIST, COACH or HEALTHCARE PRACT Family Constellations offer SKILLS easily integrated into an existing practice, and infinitely supportive for ALL relationship dynamics.



*To guarantee special discount you must email request directly to there is a wait list

Accommodation  – Single: 99,00 €  – Double: 114,00 € includes Breakfast

You can find out more about the hotel here    I  Location

Book EARLY these rooms will go fast!  There are also loads of Airbnb options in this area all within easy walking distance.


Here’s essential information that will be helpful to know in advance

6-day International Family Constellations Intensive  START: Sept 12, 9.30am  FINISH: Sept 17, 6.00pm

Limited to 120 participants and nearly 50% booked.

Experiential Workshops from 7.30am to 9pm with all presenters at different times (full schedule soon)

Each day you will have the option of 3 workshop offerings in all time sections.

MUSIC DANCE & PARTY NIGHT dress as your most WONDERFILLED self!  Sept 16 venue (additional $tbc)


4-day Master Classes  START: Sept 18, 9.30am  FINISH: Sept 22, 5.30pm

Presenter Judith Hemming, Stephan Hausner,  William L. Mannle, Anngwyn St Just Cecilio Fernandez Regojo

Master Class Program, offers full one day with each of the above presenters. Limited to 55 participants.


Program Details nearly 50% booked!

Reserve your place and the early bird price with deposit and payment plan. 

Sept 12 – 17, 2024  6-day Constellation Intensive I Riviera Hotel, Carcevelos

Sept 18 – 22 , 2024  4-day Master Classes I Carcevelos Beach Hotel 

(1 full day with each Trainer, Judith Hemming, Sneh Schnabel, Stephan Hausner, Anngwyn St Just)

Venue: Riviera Hotel, for the Intensive, Carcevelos Beach Hotel for Master Classes, both venues are within 5 minutes walking distance, please see PDF information sheet 


Training Fees

Intensive 6-days + Master Classes 4-days

Early Bird: $2450 USD (deposit $250 reserves Early Bird and your place)

6-days Intensive Only

Full Fee: $1750 USD
Early Bird: $1550 USD (deposit $250 reserves Early Bird  and your place) 

4-days Master Classes Only

Full Fee:  $1150 USD (numbers will be strictly limited on Master Classes)


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