Ivan & Mariana Polic

Ivan and Mariana Polic are founders of the Systemic Approach Institute, which focuses on helping leaders and organizations find opportunities in the current transition economy. Their current focus is scouting the intersection of the structural breakdown of legacy industries and the emerging future of innovative, evolutionary solutions. They supports leaders in leveraging their unique histories and gifts into making their biggest impact in life and business.

Concurrently to the Systemic Approach Institute, Ivan serves as the CEO of Loutech, an Aerospace manufacturing firm and Mariana as the Chief Cultural Officer. Together, they co-authored the bestselling book “Bridging Legacy and Innovation to build a family business that lasts for generations”. They also teach together at Cal State University Fullerton, in the Family Business Dynamics class.


About Ivan & Mariana Polic

In the last twelve years, Ivan has served as an advisor, to small and medium sized businesses, on some 300 plus board of director meetings, in various industries and economic sectors. Working with enterprises of various sizes and needs has honed his skills of identifying leverage points in high impact times to ensure continuity and sustainability, in and out of crisis. Ivan’s work in Systemic thinking and intervention has uniquely prepared him for the current times.

In his previous life, he was a professional soccer player in his home country of Serbia and in MLS with the LA galaxy. Mariana has a degree in Business Administration and also background in TV reporting. They have two sons, Luka and Marko and live in Yorba Linda, California.

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