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Jan Jacob Stam


Jan Jacob Stam is an Organizational and Management Consultant and Coach, internationally recognized as a leader in his field. His current book ‘Fields of Connection’, how to work with Organizational Constellations. Over the past decade he
has been in high demand around the world presenting at national and international conferences, conduction trainings and workshops, recently joining ISCA’S International Faculty at Bernried in Germany.

He founded the Dutch ‘Bert Hellinger Institute’ officially opened by Bert Hellinger. He lives with his wife Bibi and their two children in a former farmhouse in the Netherlands.



About Jan Jacob Stam

Organizational Constellations

For many years Jan Jacob Stam has been holding a question about how Systemic Constellation Work could support us in our collective process of opening to the future, in all its complexity and diversity. This is of course a very big and timely question that involves us all.

Exploring the responsibility of individuals and Organizations ecologically, socially, and spiritually Jan Jacob teaches how we can work from the emerging future in the here and now, looking at the creative tension between our planned future and the emerging future.

Developing skills for greater self-awareness, identifying strengths and blind spots, Jan Jacob creates an environment for the group to listen for patterns, insights and deeper connections.

Workshop classes with Jan Jacob Stam will provide practical applications for coaches, trainers, and consultants to develop a sense with which they can ascertain where systemic issues strongly influence the potential of the individual in the system and the system as a whole.


This training will be of interest to those working in small or large organizations, coaches, trainer’s business owners as well as those already facilitating in Constellation field and want to increase and expand their skills

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