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About Jen Froome

I am a unique and heartfelt Leading Australian Transformational Expert. Over 25 years I have been working with people across Australia and Internationally and I take clients on a journey to understand what is blocking them and then clear away their DNA, their neural pathways, and cellular memory regarding thoughts, emotions and behavior etc. This transforms their connection with success, life, relationship, business, abundance and leadership. I have the capacity to hold the space for people to clear their ‘success barriers’ is profound.

I am thought provoking, inspiring and impactful and I have an ability to maintain a powerful connection to present a ‘Left of Field’ approach. I assist those that have ‘gained and lost’ or sabotaged their success and wealth or who have pushed so hard to succeed and then burned out, or they have not found their way to the next level.

I clear away the backlog within their DNA and other capacities, then they head toward their true potential which provides a foundation for growth and authenticity as well as business and personal success.

My unique ability to transform client’s lives is via seminars or taking them on their journey so they go to the ‘next level’ is outstanding. I have a commitment to my client’s true self and I am passionate and engaging Transformational Expert who stays connected with whoever I have worked with.

The leaders and people I work with, often refer to me as not just ‘a Coach’ but as a powerful Transformational Expert and Facilitator regarding Constellation and DNA and this is because of the breakthroughs and success they achieve in working with me. My clients are committed to doing their job or business properly or are endeavouring to set up a business or are Entrepreneurs or people who are making a difference in the world; but when they start working with me, they’re exhausted and this impacts on their relationships and their health and whatever else is going wrong.

Some of my clients have even reached the point where they are beginning to question whether they’ve got it wrong. I take them on a journey to shift and change their DNA etc. My coaching is specialized and powerful and it is inclusive of Family Constellation etc. When you understand how and why you’ve been making the decisions you’ve made in the past, I then guide you to re-program yourself so you can experience freedom within yourself and your future.

Years ago, I tried to change the world “one person at a time”, however, I realized the most powerful way to do this is by working with leaders or people who care and want to make a difference in the world. When I assist leaders and heart-centred people to transform their lives and DNA etc the impact filters through to those around them, ie their team, colleagues, family, relationships or friends.

I’ve spent decades looking at patterns of success, human behaviour, DNA, Family Systems, elite performance, neurological programming, how your unconscious works and so much more. I love freeing people from old patterns and stresses and ensuring they are aligned to the future they want.

I’ve assisted many leaders and people to breakthrough their stuff using Constellation etc. I connect with clients so they experience and learn at a much deeper level; no-one ever gets lost when working with me and I do not take my clients through what I have not already done for myself.

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