Joan Garriga Bacardi

Humanistic psychologist. Gestalt therapist.

He introduced Bert Hellinger in Spain. He teaches training and workshops on Family Constellations throughout Spain and Latin America. He studied and collaborated with Claudio Naranjo. Trained in NLP, Ericksonian approach and stage and body methods. Expert in Enneagram and integrative therapy. Co-creator of the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona. Writer.

About Joan Garriga Bacardi

He was born in Bellpuig (Lleida) in 1957. He studied Law for three years and graduated in Psychology from the Central University of Barcelona. Interested in Humanistic psychotherapy, he was trained in it and specialized in Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Ericksonian approach, and scenic and corporal methods.

In 1985, together with Vicens Olivé and Mireia Darder, he created and directed the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona, ​​from where he carried out his activity as a therapist, trainer and supervisor of Gestalt therapists and NLP specialists. Later he meets and learns with Claudio Naranjo, with whom he will be a collaborator for his SAT Integrative psychotherapy programs, which include -among others- the Psychology of Enneatypes (Enneagram) and meditation as powerful tools for self-knowledge and inner work.

In 1999, he invited Bert Hellinger to present his systemic work on Family Constellations in Spain; Feeling pushed to spread and teach it, he has gradually become one of the main exponents of this work in Spain and the Spanish-speaking world. He has published numerous articles on psychotherapy and relationship support in specialized journals,  and collaborated on the book “Gestalt avant-garde” by Claudio Naranjo, explaining his way of working in Gestalt therapy and integrating the contributions of Family Constellations.

Joan Garriga combines different approaches in his work and shows himself to be an existential therapist and an integrative gestaltist, giving therapeutic and training workshops on Gestalt therapy, NLP and Constellations applied to different areas -individuals, couples, families, organizations- in the main cities of Spain and Latin America.

He is the author of the books:

  • Say yes to life. Gain strength and abandon suffering. (Ed Destiny)
  • Dancing together. The hidden face of love in the couple and in the family. (Ed Destiny)
  • The key to the good life. Knowing how to win without losing oneself and knowing how to lose by winning oneself. (Destiny Ed.)
  • The good love in the Couple. When one and one add up to more than two. (Destiny Ed.)
  • Live in the soul: love what is, love what we are and love those who are. (Ed. Rigden-Institut Gestalt) 
  • Where are the coins? The keys to the bond achieved between children and parents. (Ed. Rigden-Institut Gestalt)

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