John Whittington

John is a systemic coach and constellations facilitator working with individuals, teams and organisations. Systemic coaching is designed to return dignity, clarity and flow to individuals, coherence to the teams and organisational systems they create and inhabit.

He is the author of the best-selling book Systemic Coaching & Constellations (3rd Edition 2020) and founder of the international systemic coaching training company ‘Coaching Constellations’. As a result of the need to move online in early 2020 he co-created a bespoke digital constellations kit for teaching and use by systemic coaches and facilitators online.


About John Whittington

Alongside his teaching and coaching John also facilitates experiential introductions to coaching with constellations within the MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School as well as workshops for leaders through his client facing company ‘Business Constellations’ and his public workshops for personal issues at ‘Life Love Leadership’.

Training in systemic coaching worldwide, in-person and online:

Leadership development resourced by systemic principles and constellations:

Public workshops for existential, personal and family issues:

About John’s session

Joining, Belonging, Leaving

We spend much of our lives at work. This inevitably means that we spend time and energy trying to find our place, our belonging, in organisational systems so that we can flourish and bring the best of who we are in our professional context.

Belonging however is only one part of a larger cycle that we spend our lives travelling through. The cycle of joining, belonging and leaving. In some systems we stay a long while, in others we leave more quickly.

Anyone who works with others will, inevitably, be working with people who are somewhere on that journey of joining, belonging and leaving. In particular, when we don’t take care of how we leave, all our attempts at joining and belonging are affected, coloured by what remains unresolved in the past.

In this experiential workshop John will share the key systemic patterns that influence the way we travel through systems and create an opportunity for everyone in the group to explore their own relationship with the subject. He will demonstrate ways of working with clients, using the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching to restore dignity, flow and integrity to the system.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for anyone who works with others who are travelling through the cycle of joining, belonging and leaving. Whether you are a coach who works in an organisational context or work with individuals at a more personal level this workshop is designed to resource you and expand your awareness and skills in this area.

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