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Julia Kirby

Julia Kirby, Family, Systemic Constellations Facilitator, a Presenter and Conference Ambassador for the UK. Her experience of the last ONLINE Conference enables her to respond to any questions you might have about participating in the next online Systemic Constellation Conference in May 2022

About Julia Kirby

My formal training in Systemic Family Constellations began in 2012 with the CSC in London, under Judith Hemming, Richard Wallstein, Gaye Donaldson and Chris Williams, to name a few. The FeltSpace was born during those first years of training as I transitioned from being a full-time mother (the ancient craft of felting being a much loved hobby!) to providing a safe, therapeutic place to feel.

Born and raised in Germany, my parents separated when I was young and I was raised in an environment with few men. Does that define me? No. They are the bare facts of my background that have contributed to who I am today. Set me off on my path. In my mid-twenties I started my mission to dig a bit deeper: about who I am and the way I relate to people.

Originally, I trained as a Physiotherapist. I remember my first years of working in the job, without any psychosomatic tools, and my hands telling me: ‘But there’s more to this ‘bad back’, slipped disc, painful shoulder’… My hands knew then, but it took another decade of the university of life and motherhood to bring me closer to filling that gap.

My first deep encounter with family constellations was a three-day workshop in 2004, I was pregnant with my second child. Watching the facilitator, the wonderful Judith Hemming, I vividly remember the feeling of ‘That’s it! That’s where I’m headed’ inside me. I had given up my job in Germany and our young family had moved to the UK, closer to my husband’s parents. I loved being a (stay-at-home) mum and spent my free time (haha… I know…) reading, discussing and learning about emotional development in children. But I was also struggling with settling in the UK; having followed my husband to his home land, I was now searching for a place for my inner child at the same time of wondering how to resource myself and my family in a country that I loved, but was not my own.

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