Julio P. Principe

“Systemic Gardener”. Founding Partner of “Congruencia”, a reference company in systemic consulting in Latin America.

For more than 20 years he has been accompanying people, teams and organizations in change processes.

He has developed a systemic consulting model that he applies in organizations and with which he has trained people in different countries. Author of “Constelaciones Organizacionales: historias de consultoría sistémica” (collection “Empresa Activa”, Ediciones Urano).


About Julio P. Principe

I consider myself a “Systemic Gardener”. I work as Systemic Consultant for more than 20 years. SCW gaves me the opportunitty to travel around the world, training people in my way of working with people and organizations. Author of “Constelaciones Organizacionales: historias de la consultoría sistémica”, published by “Empresa Activa” (Ediciones Urano). I’m grateful for this lovely opportunity to connect with anyone of you.

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