Kari Dunlop

Kari Dunlop is a certified functional medicine health coach and wellness junkie who specializes in working with inherited family trauma. 

A former tv producer, Kari now helps people see how the real-life stories of their family histories are unknowingly connected to the challenges they currently struggle with. By becoming a detective of their family stories, she helps people see how the heartbreaks, resentments and disappointments of our parents and grandparents can live on in our depression, anxiety, financial hardships, relationship struggles and even our perpetual people pleasing. It didn’t start with us and the good news is that we can break the generational cycle of these patterns.


About Kari Dunlop

It was her own 25 year struggle with chronic illness that ultimately changed things for her, in the best of ways. The proverbial silver lining of her ‘hell-th’ journey was discovering the work of Mark Wolynn, one of the leading experts in the field of inherited family trauma. Attending his two-day workshop connected many of the dots that would later become pivotal stepping-stones for her, both personally and professionally. Since that weekend over 10 years ago, she became the organizer of his training programs and has trained in every facet of his work.

Kari is also a Martha Beck life coach and a self-professed neuroscience geek obsessed with learning about the brain. Kari has studied with neuroplasticity experts Rick Hanson, Annie Hopper and Lisa Wimberger. She is also a Young Living essential oil specialist who teaches about the benefits of essential oils on the brain.

Karis workshop offering will be:
Healing Inherited Trauma: Neuroplasticity and the Brain

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