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Katarina (Kato) Wittich

Kato comes to Family Constellations from a somatic therapy perspective based on her 20 years as a Rosen Method practitioner and her love of movement as a Conscious Dance facilitator. Her Constellations work is the focus of Episode Five of the groundbreaking documentary series “Sex, Love and Goop”, currently available on Netflix.  She brings to Constellations a simplicity and deep groundedness, born out of her willingness to stay in the unknowing until the subtle shifts in the bodies and breath of the client and the resonators indicate that movement has been initiated and is not at risk of being manipulated. It is her preference to do constellations “blind”, without the resonators knowing anything about the client, the issue, or who/what they are representing. This makes it possible for the resonators to follow their experience without mental constructs interfering with the somatic and feeling information that is a more reliable guide. 

About Katarina (Kato) Wittich

Kato brings a skeptic’s perspective to all interpretations and theories involved in Constellations, including her own. Current neuroscience makes it clear that the human brain is conditioned by confirmation bias to perceive what it expects to perceive based on past experiences, so all of our interpretations are limited and colored by our individual biases.  If we are willing to be lost, to let go of mental processes and instead follow the deep, nonlinear wisdom of the feelings that come through the body, constellations will unfold in a magnificent, multilayered, self-guided journey that is not limited by our previous experiences or beliefs. Once we can feel the expansion and opening of flow in all of our bodies, indicating that the constellation is already shifting in the field, our interpretations become valuable as tools to consciously integrate what is already happening below the conscious level. If relied on too early, interpretations by the facilitator, the resonators, or even the client can be misleading and limit the evolution of the constellation by shaping it with our preconceptions. 

Kato feels deeply at home in the resonance that connects us all, and delights in the experience of weaving together the strands that make a constellation comprehensible as it evolves. Her life experience as a filmmaker informs the process of holding space for creative flow in a group collaborative experience, and she is grateful for the honor of being trusted to facilitate by her clients.

Her training includes a B.A. from Yale University in History of the Arts and Letters which provided a forum for investigating the evolution of western civilization and an M.F.A. from N.Y.U. Graduate Film and Television which shaped her love for our human narratives and developed in her a director’s perspective that is very helpful in facilitating constellations. She is a certified Rosen Practitioner, Yuen Practitioner, Family Constellations Facilitator and has initiated two thriving Conscious Dance communities. She spent many years in the film industry and is currently writing a history-based dramatic television series.

She is passionate about using Constellations to foster our capacity for non-judgment and to help us perceive our interconnectedness so that we can break the barriers of the cultural differences that often separate us. Her own life has been one of always being different and not belonging, growing up in the U.S. in an unconventional European family.  Her childhood was spent in primarily Black and Latino communities where her heritage often meant she was the only White person in a room. This made her aware from an early age of the devastating trauma that racial inequity and violence has caused in the United States. She is dedicated to finding ways to use Constellations to help heal the deep ancestral traumas that will continue to divide us until they are confronted with compassion and clarity. 

You can find out more about her work by watching the Netflix documentary or visiting her website at https://www.rosenconstellations.com/

Email: info@RosenConstellations.com



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