Kelvin Khemiel

Kelvin Khemiel started his spiritual journey when he was 15 and he came from a linage of Chinese metaphysician within his family line. Though his journey did not begin as a Chinese metaphysician, he was able to perform the readings required by professional standards. Kelvin witness the growth of the New Age industries of Singapore and has been much respected by his own peers for his presence and contribution towards the New Age industries.


About Kelvin Khemiel

He has a degree with merit from the National University of Singapore for Religious Studies and Communications. He has been trained in Multiple disciplines in various modalities of healing and reading in the East and West and has attained mastership for most of the modules. Some of these include Systemic Family Constellation, Aura-Soma, Kabbalah, Reiki, Chinese Fengshui, I-Ching, Crystal Healing and Energy Work, 72 Angels of the Tree of Life, Tarot and Numerology. Kelvin gained all his knowledge from the finest teachers around the world and they are known writers within the field of the metaphysics and esoteric arena.

Kelvin has been featured in the television and magazines on many occasions and also he has been featured on Razor TV for his work on face reading. He has also been invited to different parts of the world to conduct courses, these places include Switzerland, Greece, India, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia to conduct courses for different modality and spiritual development course. As his name spreads through the world, Kelvin brings the wisdom of the Life to all who seek to find a happier pathway.

Kelvin seek to help more people to find more happiness and not to be trapped in their own cycles. Though it has been a long journey of a decade and more, Kelvin still believes in the hidden love within people and he seek to help them find what is the magic and power behind all that is within. As a Teacher, he seeks only to give the best to this students and this touches many who cross his life.

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