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Kinga Stashalek


She is a Personal Development Trainer and a Certified Constellations trainer, Certified Coach, Love & Relationships Expert, Mentor and Mind-Body-Spirit Healer. She has been working with clients over last few years helping transform their life and heal old wounds. She is also the founder of Lapis Evolution.

About Kinga Stashalek

If you only wish, you won’t change anything. You need to look at the truth and understand the core of your problems.” – Kinga Elizabeth Stashalek

She guides people through their personal and relationship journey of inner growth by recognising the highest intention and purpose.

She helps people with all kind of love, relationships and communications issues, pain or challenges.

Those who attract wrong people to find the best matching partners so they can experience deep love, connection, trust and intimacy.

Kinga helps couples who are very much in love and yet there is something important missing, to find out the core of the issues so they can experience deep happiness, passion and new fresh connection.

She also guide people on their way to find great communication, happiness and peace with all kind of relationships. Whether with partners, spouse, family, friends or business partners.

A bit more about Kinga

As an ambitious twenty year old living in Poland, Kinga began to study Finance and work at one of the biggest financial international companies. She worked hard in many different industries; Automotive, Finance, Gas and Oil. She helped launch the expansion of a large Energy company and was quickly promoted into a management position.

Kinga completed her Bachelor degree in Finance and Banking as well as Masters in Management, Communication and Public Relations. After seven years of intense growth she hit a wall. A serious health crisis inspired her to move in a new direction.

After relocating to Australia, Kinga completed Certifications in Constellations, Heartfelt Leadership, Breakthrough Warrior, Life Coaching and Meta Dynamic (including NLP). Those experiences and travelling helped her to gain confidence and great insight into whom she is, how to connect deeply with others and inspire them to become the greatest version of themselves.

This was a massive turning point in Kinga’s career, as she now she helps people facilitating complete transformation. Through the knowledge, skills and life experiences she overcame, Kinga has designed her own unique style. Her greatest personal achievement is her healthy and happy over 11 year relationship with her husband and family.

Kinga’s modern approach to life is based on freedom of choice, clear vision and strategic thinking. Her highly positive non-judgemental personality and patience make clients feel comfortable and willing to confront the root of their challenges very quickly.

Contact Kinga

Please use the form to reach out to Kinga Stashalek. She will be in touch with you through email. Alternatively, you may also reach her through the number below.

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Phone: 0411 841 548

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