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Leslie Nipps

She has been facilitating since 2008. She works with individuals and couples, applying Family Constellations principles and practices in a wide diversity of situations: marital trouble, depression, addiction, fertility issues, food problems, anxiety, employment and money challenges, and much more. She also leads regular constellation circles and workshops, and every year trains a new cohort of amazing constellation facilitators.

About Leslie Nipps

In 2015 she co-directed, with James Woeber, the North American Systemic Constellations Conference in San Diego, CA, USA. Subsequently, she was a founding board director of North American Systemic Constellations (NASC), and has presented at all of the NASC conferences since 2011. She has presented internationally in Croatia, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Leslie is the founding organizer and faculty member for the West Coast Systemic Constellations Intensive, now in its seventh successful year, highlighting some of the leading trainers in the USA, including Suzi Tucker, Francesca Mason Boring and Jane Peterson. She is also a regular contributor to the professional journal of Constellations, The Knowing Field.

She is also an ordained Episcopal minister, and have worked in the tender and personal place where spirituality and day to day life meet for over twenty years. She lives in New Mexico, USA, and is an avid hiker, landscape photographer, and astronomy enthusiast.

You can find her work and nature photography at www.conviviumconstellations.com.

Ask me about the 2022 West Coast Constellations Intensive, June 1-5, San Rafael, CA USA: https://westcoastconstellations.com/

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