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Linda Conyard


As a trauma survivor myself, I know what it takes to recover from trauma. My own life experiences have led me to a career where I feel I am able to support others to recover from their trauma. What I provide, is a safe space for my clients to work with trauma trapped within their bodies. You know the feeling of a trauma response that comes with such intensity, it’s as if you are right there in it, yet on another level you know that this isn’t the right place for this response (unless of course you are still living in the trauma).

About Linda Conyard

I provide psycho-education with the intention of my clients gaining significant understanding of what is happening to them, for example, explaining how neural pathways impact us and uncovering repeating patterns that keep showing up in your life. We go even further and look at what generationally may have been passed down, then look for the healing path for your system.

You don’t need to tell every horrible thing that has happened to you. What we’re looking for is how your past in your present and what you’d like to do about that. I frequently check in with you to see if you are happy to work with what does come up. You always have the choice and your no is welcome. The perfect next piece of work always shows up.

I work mainly with women and have had many clients with complex trauma, developmental trauma and CPTSD. I have worked with people who have had difficulty regulating their trauma responses including dissociation. There is enough space between my appointments if my clients need a little extra time to ground before leaving the clinic.

Even if you don’t feel like it, you have survived to this point and that has taken resilience and strength. The next step is to use that resilience and strength to recover from your trauma and put it in it’s rightful place. Trauma Recovery requires commitment to your change process. You will find that I never ask my clients to do anything I haven’t done myself.

I have been studying since 2004 and have a broad range of learnings under my belt. I have listed my qualifications as well as my fee schedule on my website if you would like to know more.

I love to plan my professional development for the year. I also have regular supervision with an awesome group of therapists.

As a Gestalt psychotherapist I am not able to deliver on a mental health plan as I am not in the medicare system. The maximum number of trauma recovery clients that I take on is 12. It takes commitment from you and me for you to recover from trauma therefore I can only offer a limited number of clients a space. The biggest joy I get from my work is when my clients no longer need to come to me. I do the happy dance, because this means I have done my job and they are free to live their lives fully and free from the shackles of unresolved trauma. This is my goal from the very beginning, to see my clients empowered and able to use whatever they have gleaned from our work together to be authentically themselves.

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