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Martijn Meima

Martijn Meima is the business intuition expert in Europe. In his own unique way he combines his business knowledge and experience with more spiritual and intuitive modalities like (business) constellations, energywork, and non-duality. Martijn Meima has a degree in management & organization from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

With over 25 years of experience in coaching and consulting small and medium enterprises and self employed entrepreneurs, in 2007 Martijn started his company Business Intuition and in 2008 Martijn has been educated in using business and family constellations. He was trained by Nienke Binkhorst, student from the Bert Hellinger Institute. Later, Martijn followed workshops and trainings from different teachers like Jan Jacob Stam, Gunhard Weber, Hylke Bonnema, Leslie Nipps, Wibe Veenbaas, Daan van Kampenhout, Barbera Hoogenboom, Joke Goudswaard, Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, and others.

About Martijn Meima

He has also explored the fields of embodiment, professional intuition, energy work, NLP, narrative work, and voice dialogue. Using this diverse background, he has developed his own unique way of doing business and family constellations. Long before the COVID crisis, Martijn has been faciliating constellations online. Not only in his 1-on-1 coaching sessions, but also with groups of entrepreneurs following his workshops or webinars.
Since 2013 Martijn has been teaching others the craft of facilitating business constellations. First in the Netherlands and since 2016 internationally. Since 2020 Martijn has also developed an online training Facilitating Business Constellations.

Martijn is the author of the book “The Effortless Entrepreneur” in which he describes how to use the power of the undercurrent to create the success you envision. The book covers six themes or ‘success accelerators” ranging from surrendering to money and from time to action.
In 2019 Martijn co-founded the International School of Entrepreneurship. With his colleagues he developed the Source4Success method which approaches everything from a multi-layered perspective, including the systemic forces in one of the layers.

Martijn’s style is light, intuitive, and deepening at the same time. With his humor and practical attitude he has a way of making esotheric and vague topics down to earth and applicable for entrepreneurs. He can easily create a safe space in which you can grow and learn on a deep level.


www.intuition-in-business.com www.source4success.nl



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