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Mateos Santos

From Brazil, a Family constellation Facilitator since 2009, Post Graduate in Systemic Right, Transpersonal Psychology and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hypnotherapist.

The Dimensions of Systemic Healing is the workshop he offers which covers an explanation about the connection between body, mind, soul and spirit. How they work together in the process of illness and how family constellation can help in the healing process. How his healing act through different dimensions and what it takes so it can happens in a person.

About Mateos Santos

The first meeting with family constellations was in 2005. Since then I started to studying it. I looked for the origin of the constellations and who were the references for a quality training because I also realized the depth and seriousness of this work.

In 2009, after a long and consistent training, I started working with the family constellations and whenever possible, taking courses and training to grow even more. In 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Bert Hellinger and his wife Sophie in person and from there I participated in all the events with Bert Hellinger in Brazil and went several times to Training Camps and seminars with Bert and Sophie in Germany learning straight from the source until his death in 2019.

Parallel to that I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditional hypnosis and Ercksonian therapy. NLP trainings and transpersonal psychology. Today I am still transmitting, training and attending my clients in workshops or individual approach. I perceive in myself the part that I was able to capture of Bert Hellinger’s essence in Family Constellations and I carry him in my heart clarifying as clearly as possible some points that some clients need to move on and receive the benefits from Family Constellations According to Bert Hellinger.

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