Meghan Kelly

Meghan is originally from the United States and today lives and works in the international community of Brussels, Belgium. She is an experienced facilitator of both Systemic/Family Constellations and Systemic Ritual and is accustomed to working with multicultural and multilingual groups. Meghan is a facilitator who can bridge cultural gaps.


About Meghan Kelly

For years she has worked as an English teacher parallel to her constellation work, which has given her a great sensitivity to work with linguistic challenges or even language barriers with ease. She occasionally works as an English/Spanish interpreter during workshops and when she supervises facilitators, she works to develop their confidence when working in English at the same time.

Meghan holds monthly events for facilitators of all experience levels called “Stories from the Field” and soon plans to incorporate constellations and astrology. She is passionate about sharing constellation work with others for healing, understanding, and accessing the greater mystery of life and our family stories.

You can find out more about her work and upcoming events at:

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