Meghan Kelly

Meghan was born and raised in Colorado in the United States but in her adult life followed the path of her ancestors back to Europe. Today she is based in Brussels, Belgium and serves the local international community and an even more expansive community online.

She believes in lifelong learning, continual growth and the quest to know and embody our true natures, and her approach to working with clients is an integral one that includes the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

About Meghan Kelly

With more than ten years of experience in accompanying others, today as an Integrative Therapist Meghan combines Constellation work with other tools including Systemic Ritual®, Psychosomatic Bodywork and Trauma Recovery and Astrology. Meghan is passionate about sharing Constellations with others for healing, understanding and accessing the greater mystery of life and our family stories.

She is the host of the monthly event for facilitators “Stories from the Field”; she works individually with people, holds Constellation Circles several times a month and runs weekly development Circles for her Inner Compass community. Meghan works in both English and Spanish and you can find out more about her work and upcoming events at: or

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