Meirav Schreiber Conte

Hi, my name is Meirav, I am an Israeli Jewish woman married to a christian Italian man, parents to Agata living in Tel Aviv and Italy (sometimes). I am a Dance Therapist since 2001 working in my private practice and on Zoom.



About Meirav Schreiber Conte

I am a leader trainer, teach and facilitate Constellations in the Israeli International School of Systemic Constellation founded by Yishar Gaster. I am part of the council of the School for two years.

I facilitate constellations in Israel, Italy and on Zoom.

I dedicate my life to inner search for my Soul, and others, as I discovered over the years that “meaning of life” for me is to stay with my experience in an open ended curiosity that teaches me about relationships of all kinds, with family, friends, the world and the Divine. I joined the Diamond Heart School for self development with A.H Almaas in 2006 where I keep myself engaged in a live inquiry and add this nature of inner work to the Family Constellations path.

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