Ming Huey Chang

My journey with family constellation started in 2013. I joined a year long family constellation program in Bellingham, USA. It laid a solid foundation for old constellation work. Then I was thirsty for more. I trained with many first generation teachers in the U.S. and Germany. In 2017, fate led me to Bert and Sophie Hellinger, and led me back to where my parents came from.


About Ming Huey Chang

The experience I had with Bert and Sophie was absolutely shocking. Nothing I had experienced before could compare to what they do. Since then, I have been following Hellinger School and completed the 3 year Certification Program offered directly by the Hellingers.

The new family constellation according to Hellinger differs from old family constellation in its world view, and the complete and fundamental way of going back to the order of love. It is shocking, and absolutely not politically correct. However, if you really want to change yourself and your relationship with everyone around you, the surgical intervention is necessary. The New Family Constellation has also brought me home physically, emotionally and spiritually. It helped me come to terms with the bigger picture and make peace with what happened to my country and my family.

If you truly want to say good-bye to the victim’s role, and you want to be much happier, healthier, more confident, and more effective than ever, I welcome you to experience the new family constellation with me.

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