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Netra Chou

Netra worked as an acupuncturist, and after meeting Systemic Constellation in 1997, he transformed from a doctor who treats physical ailments to a trainer and licensed psychologist who supports the transformation of the human soul and systems. He became the first person to introduce Bert Hellinger and Systemic Constellation to Asia, and the chairman of the Asian Conference of Systemic Constellation.

About Netra Chou

Netra goes with the flow of Life. He found TAOS Academy and has been invited to share his work and experiences in countless workshops and training for the public, various companies, and organizations. Including Judges Academy, Universities, social welfare agencies, research institutes, and hospitals. He has led roughly over 10,000 cases and helped many people achieve personal growth, improve their family relationships, and many enterprises resolve their bottlenecks.

Based on the insights of Systemic Work, Netra has developed creatively “Five Main Life Principles”, “Great Systemic Constellation”, “Family Dynamic Dual Triangle”, “The Earth Constellation”, “Top 10 common Issues Constellation Technical Modules”, and “Integration of Chinese five elements and Systemic Work” and so on. He encourages his trainees to learn how to see and perceive to gain their own insights. He guides his participants to understand the spirit behind the constellation and apply it to life practically. In recent years, he has realized that Systemic Constellation is not only a solution to issues but also an adventurous journey of comprehending and experiencing the mystery of Life. He called it “Moving in the Tao”.

His popular books《Love and Reconciliation》and《Beyond a Child’s Mind》has sold more than 100,000 copies in Chinese version. And English version is available now.





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