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Nina Ishtar; Reflective Systems

Ever since I can remember I would get on a bike and smile, no matter what!  So when I travelled to the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands to train in System Dynamics in Organisations I knew I had arrived at a special time and a special place. Bikes everywhere, heaven!  I am so grateful to have completed my systems training with the exceptional teachers and world leaders; Jan Jacob Stam, Bibi Schreuder and Barbara Hoogenboom.


About Nina Ishtar; Reflective Systems

I came to constellation work via family constellation as a participant then trained one to one on the job, taken into facilitating organically; that means thrown in! This was approximately 8 years ago. So I am a new kid on the block. I was so inspired with constellations and needing something new in my facilitation work. When I discovered the work in an organisation and business setting off I went!

My passion is well-being accompanying success.  I love to help create healthy, successful professional lives and workplaces; working with the leaders of organisations and businesses and with individuals.  I offer;

  • Systems Training for Leaders
  • Systemic Consultancy for Businesses and Organisations
  • Systemic Coaching for Leaders and Individuals
  • Systemic Constellation Facilitation

My website gives more details: www.reflectivesystems.com.au

My first career was in outdoor recreation, (lots of bikes!) This initial  choice lead to over 30 years’ diverse experience in the Education and Training System in Australia; My work included personal development and adventure programs, student service provision, teaching, research, project management, consultancy and facilitation.  It was in this system my fascination and expertise with organisational and business development grew, particularly during a five year period as a cross-sectoral partnership broker and facilitator.

I also qualified as a Cranio- Sacral therapist and a teacher of Qigong. These distinct and connected parts of my career naturally came together to form my current business, Reflective Systems. That makes it sound easy; believe me, it was not. I journeyed a deep transformational process to bring my business to life. I still smile when I get on a bike, and I love maintaining ongoing professional development links to the Bert Hellinger Institute and Jan Jacob Global in the Netherlands.


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