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Nir Esterman (M.Sc)

I am a teacher, a facilitator and a therapist, focusing on re-integration, working with people for the last 18 years.

My journey began with the body, learning through bodywork and emotional release to come back to my own body.
Working through both personal patterns and trauma (cancer and chemotherapy at age 22), I developed body awareness and presence, a connection with my felt sense and a first-person perspective rather than a third-person perspective which is what I used to have.

I also focused on learning how to connect my personal development with the size and stability of my clinic, leading to a thriving private practice.

Eventually, I began teaching therapists and facilitators how to connect with their body and how to promote their business success through being more connected with themselves in addition to any external movements.

About Nir Esterman (M.Sc)

My journey through the rich world of embodiment finally led me to Shadow work – the process of re-integrating lost and disowned self parts. I was immediately captivated by it.

It felt as any meaningful personal, and most professional breakthroughs that I had until then, were actually some form of Shadow work.

Embodied Shadow work opened me to working with archetypes, collective patterns and shadows, with the potential that lies within the unconscious Shadow realms.

Working with re-integration of the physical and emotional bodies, with the psyche and with the social or relationship layers was very satisfying, for both my clients and for myself.

Being a therapist for over thirteen years, I still understood very little about inter-generational trauma.

It may sound strange as both of my parents survived the holocaust as small children, but such was the case that I was genuinely unaware of the impact of my entire family past had on me.

It all changed during my first family constellation workshop with Sakino Sternberg. Two hours into the workshop, I was sobbing and trembling, in front of a representative of my father, finally admitting that I carried his burden for him and that it was too heavy for me.

I signed to the “Healing your roots” training program with Sakino and in parallel, completed the training program of the Constellation path school for systemic constellations, founded by Yishai Gaster in Israel.

Family constellations opened new dimensions of healing and re-integration.

I began connecting with scattered soul shards, with lost and forgotten family members and their stories, with the souls of other threads in the great tapestry of existence, re-integration with the spirit, with what lies beyond the known, the visible, the three dimensional.

All that I learned through myself I brought to my teaching.

Shadow work and Constellations connected naturally and seamlessly.

I developed Shadow Constellations to teach myself first and then other therapists, facilitators and coaches how to do their re-integration work, and how to avoid the pitfalls of transfer, counter-transfer and projective identification.

Integrating with our Shadows allows us to create a safer, more precise container and to work with a broader range of issues clients.

Shadow Constellations also allow us to understand our personal and professional relationships better, and to have greater freedom in navigating them.

Finally, Shadow Constellations offer a great tool for supervision – both self supervision and professional supervision of others.

I keep re-integrating, going deeper and broader with every course that I teach.

After developing my own style and content, I joined the Constellation path school as a teacher.

I have been teaching in Israel and in Moscow in person, and also globally online. I have the honour of teaching and collaborating with professionals from Australia, to Canada and the continents in between.

I love working and promoting professionals dedicated to healing and re-integration.

In the workshops, training modules and the new certification program that I offer online, I teach professionals to facilitate with skill and confidence, to get in touch and integrate with their Shadows in a safe and empowering way for themselves and their clients and students.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in the intensive.

You are most welcome to read more about the training and various workshops on my website, www.niresterman.com, and contact me directly there or through my email nir@niresterman.com


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