Noemi Viedma

Noemi Viedma Ponce (Barcelona 1973), Entrepreneur, consultant, coach and organisational constellation facilitator.


About Noemi Viedma

After an extensive experience working in international companies and organisations in Spain and abroad, being a good father´s daughter and following the family mandate, she started running her family business for over  10 years. With the coming of her second child, and coming closer to the sphere of the mother, she started a personal growth journey, changed her professional career and started to work in organisational development   to contribute to  more human, conscious and healthy organisations (Systemic Focus S.L.). Since 2015 she spreads systemic approach by organising international trainings with international masters in the field of systemic work. Co -translator of the book Systemic Leadership of J.J. Stam and B. Hoogenboom into Spanish.

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